Mosaic of Change

By Mia Hanak, Annie Costner, Adrienne Hall, Natalie Felix DiDonato, Isabelle Fournet

MOC applies creativity and technology to accelerate work and improve communications between Change Makers and Change Seekers in an effort to reshape the future of human ecology on our planet.
MOC catalyzes momentum towards a tipping point by delivering collective knowledge to Change Seekers using an intuitive, emotive, and dynamic user experience that transcends language and culture with perspective-changing interactive data visualizations.

MOC brings attention and support to Change Makers working hard to eradicate pressing development challenges by producing artistic video shorts and action toolkits that profile their work and promote their efforts through social media and online platforms.

MOC presents a visual roadmap that showcases progress that has been made since the inception of the UN Millennium Development Goals in 2000, to new just and sustainable solutions crafted by human ingenuity and supported by UNESCO, as we work to advance the Post-2015 Development Agenda.