Urban Prototyping's "Pulse of the City" is now beating it's heart in Boston!

Pulse of the City in Boston

Almost a year ago in October you might remember we produced a 3-day Urban Prototyping Festival in downtown San Francisco on the 5m Project campus. Over 5000 people came to enjoy the showcase of how cities can find new ways to invent themselves through the eyes of its citizens. One of our favorite projects was “Pulse of the City”. An interactive piece that allowed pedestrians to place their hands onto sensors that detect heart rates in real time and then played a unique musical composition that is solely based on them.

Today, we are pleased to announce that “Pulse of the City will be installed in several locations around Boston – proving that that our model of urban prototyping in the streets will create permanent installations for cities around the world.

More information about the Boston Pulse of the City Installation
“Pulse of the City” is an interactive art installation by artist George Zisiadis. The heart-shaped piece, when grasped by pedestrians, detects a heartbeat and translates it into a unique piece of music. In early September 2013 five of these solar powered pieces will be enhancing and enlivening the streetscape of Boston.
“Cities are so full of overstimulation and stress. I wanted to playfully help pedestrians take a moment to reconnect with themselves, to listen to their bodies,” says Zisiadis. The piece is unique in how it treats pulses – our essential life force – not as beeps and numbers but as unique, creative expression. Its engaging, playful design re-imagines the built environ- ment and promotes the use and celebration of public space in an uplifting way. Finally, the piece wirelessly uploads its history of interactions, allowing city officials an unprecedented understanding of how people engage with placemaking initiatives.
Pulse of the City was originally conceived in October 2012 as part of San Francisco’s Urban Prototyping Festival which explored how art, design, and technology can help make cities better. In less than one year Pulse of the City has gone from mere idea to enthusiastic reality. Its one of the first major examples of the power of cities to rapidly experiment and innovate in creating engaging public spaces.

If you are in the Boston area and want to check out “Pulse of the City” – units will be installed in five locations around Boston.

– Downtown: Christopher Columbus Park (sidewalk along Atlantic Ave)

– Longwood: Ave. Louis Pasteur roundabout at Longwood Ave.

– East Boston: Maverick Square

– Roxbury: Reggie Lewis Athletic Center (sidewalk along Malcolm X. Blvd)

– Dorchester: Ashmont Station

Map of Boston's Pulse of the City

GO GO GO George! We are so happy to see “Pulse to the City” growing and sharing love all over! Keep up the good work!