Cynthia Hua


I am an artist and programmer focused on algorithmically-generated artwork, with a particular interest in exploring artificial intelligence techniques as a Gray Area incubator member. My previous work has dealt with how visual aesthetics are influences by underlying mathematics — how quantitative systems of 1’s and 0’s translate into cultural ecosystems of images and feelings. Currently, I am a Public Imagination Fellow at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts working an installation exploring how images combine into the imaginary on the web. I have been granted residencies focusing on interdisciplinary, tech-enabled art with places including The Lab (in Spokane) and Arts, Letter and Numbers. I originally received by B.A. in media theory at Yale, where I wrote my thesis on how web platforms reshaped the aesthetics of film. Additionally, I have studied machine learning and A.I. through the School of Machines, Making and Make-Believe as well as Stanford University.