Pseuda (Nicholas Navarro)

Nicholas Navarro is a multimedia performance artist who, in 2014, began performing in SOMA’s experimental drag scene under the moniker “Pseuda”. Taking queer nightlife aesthetics, pop music and drag performance structure as a jumping off point, they’ve crafted a distinctly unique and arresting style. Using makeup, costume, practical special effects and the integration of technology they create memorable, emotionally charged images that build to sublime and sometimes grotesque climaxes. Their work is grounded in empathy with the characters they embody, using these antiheroes as avatars to explore otherness and to create space for mutual catharsis with performer and audience. They have performed at the Berkeley Art Museum, SOMArts, Gray Area, SAFEhouse Arts, The Lab, B4bel4b, Milk Bar, Incline Gallery and several nightlife venues across San Francisco and the East Bay.