Yotam Mann & Sarah Rothberg


Blobchat, a Typed-Talk

Yotam and Sarah communicate about communication, using a text-based musical communication interface. The interface is part of their ongoing project, Blobchat, which combines sound, machine learning, gesture, and chatrooms as a way to ask: is misunderstanding a part of understanding? How do machines mediate? How else can they?

Sarah Rothberg is an artist who captures the interplay between technology, systems, and the personal, creating meaning through unique and strange interactions. Her idiosyncratic experiences suggest other ways of remembering, thinking, understanding, and communicating. Sarah’s work has been exhibited internationally at venues including Sotheby’s S2 Gallery, MUTEK festival, Mana Contemporary, and bitforms gallery. She teaches virtual reality at NYU (Tisch) and the New School (Lang).

Yotam is a musician and programmer who makes open-source instruments, musical toys and interactive songs. The internet and web browser are his primary medium. His work has appeared on the front page of Reddit and Google. He was part of the inaugural class at NEW INC, adjunct professor at ITP NYU Tisch, and 2016 Creative Capital Grantee in Emerging Fields.