Zoe McCloskey

Zoe McCloskey is a research based social practice artist who incorporates science and technology into her practice. “As we move into a society increasingly built on languages of logic, I am invested in protecting and incorporating elusive knowledge and critical discourses already well developed in the arts and humanities.” Her artworks often take the form of audio tours and interactive performances that empower audiences to to suss out true scientific hypothesis from ideology-guised-as-science. She also teaches programming and social justice as a combined class to teens; and builds websites and objects that demonstrate the potential for us to re-imagine technological ascendancy as co-evolution, rather than a race to domination.

Highlights from the artist’s cv include collaboration with choreographer Magnhild Fossum at the Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich; visiting artist to Internet Art Class at Stanford University; a cover feature in SciArt in America (NYC); social practice projects in Belize, Argentina, and El Salvador with the collective Locurativo; and teaching Game Code Design to youth at the Bay Area Video Coalition. McCloskey holds a BFA from Cooper Union and an MFA in Social Practice from California College of the Arts.