Creative Coding for Teams and Organizations

At Gray Area, we provide an opportunity to obtain both technical skills and creative development. Our classes allow students to question identity, relationships, concepts, and aesthetics within technical framework.

In our corporate workshops participants explore a variety of technologies and techniques Gray Area uses to merge culture, technology and creativity into collaborative educational experiences. Classes will be given an introduction to open source resources and toolkits for creativity, methods for diffusing intimidation while reinforcing support structures and techniques to create expressive and engaging experiences for all skill levels.


- Demystifying digital creativity: What is it? What is the difference between creativity and innovation? What are the characteristics of creative people? And how can you learn to be more creative with technology?
- Getting physical with code (Processing + Makey Makey + Leap Motion)
- Sculpting Monuments with Augmented Reality
- Building Virtual Worlds with WebVR (A-Frame)
- Collaborative Drawing with Machine Learning
- Video Sculpture with Projection Mapping
- Tools/methods/techniques to share and remix artist works


- Learn how creative professionals approach learning a new skill
- Leverage your creative style(s) and increase your confidence in your creative abilities with digital tools
- How to use technology inspire and engage your audience
- How to get people on board to help you turn ideas into action
- Create a language and a structure for seeking support while learning.