Animated GIF Making + Hack : UPLOAD.gif Series

Don’t know how to make a .GIF? Or do you have your glitter kitty unicorn .GIF ready to go but are not sure how to submit for the event? Please join us for the .GIF hack to become a pro & learn all you ever wanted to and more about the amazing world of .GIF’s & see your .GIF larger than life projected on the wall! Get your 15 minutes of fame & make sure to invite your friends & family to see your work & have some fun!

Plus learn about the Upload.gif event series..


bring a laptop and register

This hack is part of the Upload Series: a partnership between and


Daven Rauchwerk

I make software and hardware in Austin, Texas. Past clients include early-stage startups, Fortune 500 companines, non-profits, and advertising agencys. I am currently accepting new projects related to interactive installations, mobile apps and web services.

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