Creative Code Education Showcase

Join us for an inaugural showcase of work from the 2014 Creative Code Fellowship. The fellowship was conducted in partnership with leading San Francisco design companies Stamen Design, Obscura Digital, Helios Interactive, and Autodesk. Each fellow received mentorship from a partnering design studio and Gray Area faculty to develop a project using creative code within an artistic practice.

In addition to the Fellowship, participants from the Creative Code 10-week Immersive will be showcasing work based on the skills they developed over the summer. The Immersive was led by Gray Area’s Education Director Matt Ganucheau and resident instructors Ben McChesney, Gabriel Dunne, Shawn Allen, and Neal Riley.

Come and experience new work from:

Taurin Barrera, Paolo Salvagione, Kristin Henry, Scott Kildall, Jason Rasmussen, Abla Hamilton, Diana Galvis, Kristina Garfinkel, Mark Hellar, and Colt Steele


Scott Kildall

Scott Kildall is cross-disciplinary artist who combines networked performance and algorithms to make art works that invite public participation. His work has been exhibited internationally at venues including the New York Hall of Science, Transmediale (Berlin), the Venice Bienale (Internet Pavilion), Furtherfield (London) and the San Jose Museum of Art. …

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Paolo Salvagione

Paolo Salvagione is an artist who works at the intersection of engineering, participation, and levity.

He was born in Chicago and at an early age moved with his family to Southern France, where he developed an affection for bullfighting. He spent his teen years in Albuquerque, New Mexico, living around …

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Taurin Barrera

Taurin Barrera is an American electronic musician and new media artist whose work explores the interactive connections between technology and perception. Barrera combines computer vision, noise and chance, and electroacoustic composition techniques to program audio-visual instruments and environments. Barrera uses emerging technologies to augment our sensory experiences of sound and …

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Kristin Henry

Kristin Henry is a generative artist and computer scientist, specializing in Science and Data Visualization. Early works include an animation of the molecular biology of HIV, and a neuromuscular junction simulation. Moving from animations of biological systems, to computationally generated visualizations, recent works have included exploring the frequencies of amino …

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