Creative Code Meetup X w/ Johan Lindegaard, Jasper Speicher & Andrew Lovett-Barron

What an amazing turnout for Kyle McDonald, Lauren McCarthy, and Steve Mason last month?! Gray Area and  Obscura Digital loved the experience so much that we are back again to the Dogpatch for February’s #CreativeCode Meetup X.

We are excited to welcome artists, Johan Bichel Lindegaard from Copenhagen, Andrew Lovett-Barron, and Jasper Speicher. Until then preview, Johan’s most recent project with the Recoil Performance Group, “Stereo.” The piece will be demoed at the meetup!


Andrew Lovett-Barron

Andrew is an interaction designer, developer, and artist in the IDEO Digital Shop, with a focus on interactive installations and experimental screen-based experiences. His current research focus is on The Decay Of Digital Things, an exploration into the life, death, and possible rebirth of physical/digital entities.

He’s fascinated by …

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Johan Bichel Lindegaard

I work with technology, mostly in artistic or cultural contexts. I am an artist, a programmer, a designer and a maker. I love when what I do is either something I can hold in my hands or has a social or cultural impact, preferably both.

I think about new meaningful …

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Jasper Speicher

I have been working in technology for about ten years now. I enjoy projects that are creative and make a strong and meaningful impact on peoples’ lives. I believe we need more people helping to keep this world healthy and wild.

So I create things with other people. This is …

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