Data Canvas – Sense Your City: Get Started!

As part of Data Canvas: Sense Your City, 100 DIY environmental sensors have been deployed into the hands of citizens across seven cities and three continents. Now it’s time to take this open data and use it to tell stories about our cities and neighborhoods.

On February 6, we made the live data streams public and launched the online, international Data Art Challenge. Over the course of seven weeks, people from around the world are invited to find imaginative ways to tell stories with and about the data by building images, live visualizations, videos, or anything else they can imagine and create.

To help fuel the creativity, we invite you to join the San Francisco Bay Area community on February 22 at swissnex, 730 Montgomery St, San Francisco, to get started on your own project for the Data Art Challenge, get guidance from experts in the field, and participate in tutorial sessions to learn about cutting-edge data visualization tools.

Learn more about Data Canvas here.


5:00 pm  doors open
5:30 pm  Taurin Barrera
6:00 pm  Mikko Jarvenpaa, Infogram
6:30 pm  Beth Schechter, Stamen Design
7:00 pm  Ian Johnson, d3-Meet-up Bay Area
8:00 pm  doors close.


Taurin Barrera

Taurin Barrera is an American electronic musician and new media artist whose work explores the interactive connections between technology and perception. Barrera combines computer vision, noise and chance, and electroacoustic composition techniques to program audio-visual instruments and environments. Barrera uses emerging technologies to augment our sensory experiences of sound and …

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Beth Schechter

Beth Schechter’s role at Stamen is about engaging students, educators, and the public about data visualization and mapmaking through workshops, curriculum design, and project development. Her role also includes writing, project management, and collaborative design for public-facing materials like books, blogs, and Beth holds a BA from …

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Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson is a data visualization programmer and designer. His passion is building tools that make the creation of audio, visual, and data-driven media more intuitive and engaging for both programmers and non-programmers. As an active user in the d3.js community, he co-organizes the SF Bay Area d3 Meetup …

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Mikko Järvenpää

Mikko Järvenpää is the COO of is the web’s favourite interactive infographics creation tool with millions of infographics created all over the world.’s customers range from educational institutions to media and enterprises. Earlier Mikko was a Product Marketing Manager with Google in London, …

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