DorkbotSF #96

DorkbotSF is back at Gray Area! Don't miss this meeting with Lightning On Demand Greg Leyh, Eddie Codel, Samuel M Coniglio IV, Katherine Becvar, and Kiki Jewell.

$5-$20 sliding scale entry
7:00pm social hour
8:00pm presentations

Greg Leyh - Nikola Tesla's Wireless System and Other Intriguing Large-Scale Electrical Effects.

A discussion of three mysterious electrical effects that only occur at large physical scales, and exciting new data and research directions to help solve them.

Sam Coniglio, Kiki Jewell, Katherine Becvar - DrinkBots! The Art and Tech of Getting Drunk

Neither cyborg nor a vending machine, a drinkbot creates cocktails in new and entertaining ways.

Eddie Codel - Advanced Aerial Imagery Techniques with Drones

Eddie will run down some of the fantastic ways you can use a drone to capture advanced aerial imagery.


Greg Leyh

Greg E. Leyh is the principal engineer forĀ Lightning On Demand, a research facility for directly exploring the largescale physics of natural lightning. Previous works include the Electrum Project, a 38ft tall kinetic lightning sculpture currently operating in New Zealand, and the Marx Modulator, a 14 megawatt pulsed power supply for the International Linear Collider. His employment experience includes Hansen Laboratories at Stanford University, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, andĀ Survival Research Laboratories, where he designed the Taser Cannon and the 120L50K Experimental Coil. Current research directions include global wireless power the large-scale physics of natural lightning.

Sam Coniglio

Samuel Coniglio is a retro-futurist who dabbles in Steampunk and in Space Tourism, and finds unusual synergies between old and new. He created his first drinkbot, the COSMOBOT, to combine his love of space travel, robots, and fine cocktails. His latest invention, the TIKITRON, plays with the modern Tiki myths of human sacrifice and volcano deities. As a Space Tourism designer he developed the first Zero Gravity Glass and other concepts for improving creature comforts for weary space travelers. He is a crew member of Obtainium Works Steampunk Artist Collective. By day he fixes computers and translates geek into English for a variety of Silicon Valley companies.

Kiki Jewell

Kiki Jewell has been a programmer since she was 13 years old, took graduate level programming classes and did research in virtual reality as an undergrad, was a programmer then technical director at Pixar, then left the tech sector to set water fountains on fire for Burning Man, and then created a human out of milk (then out of food.) Recently, she has become very interested in hardware, electric cars, self driving cars, and Montessori education -- she can geek out equally in all of them. She is a crew member of Obtainium Works Steampunk Artist Collective.

Katherine Becvar

Katherine Becvar is a librarian and costume designer by day, and a mom, artist, and gardener the rest of the time. She created the Tea Engine drinkbot out of a vintage coffee percolator. She is a crew member of Obtainium Works Steampunk Artist Collective.

Eddie Codel

Eddie Codel self-identifies as an aerial cinematographer, drone film festival founder, and live video producer. Eddie is the founder and director of the Flying Robot International Film Festival (FRiFF), now in its 3rd year. FRiFF will screen at the Roxie Theater on November 16th 2017.