Eyebeam / Gray Area Sound Research Meetup

Calling all San Francisco audiophiles! Join us August 3rd for the first rendition of the Gray Area/Eyebeam Sound Research Meetup. Come share your experience, ask questions, and learn about what other sound researchers in the Bay Area area are working on.

This will be a joint presentation of Eyebeam and Gray Area showcasing current works and research from the Eyebeam Sound Research Group and San Francisco-based sound artists/theorists/hackers/etc…Our goal is to present current work in a collaborative manner through a process-oriented, wide-spectrum meeting. Both Eyebeam and Gray Area share many interest areas of art, technology, sound and working ethos.

There will be a panel after a series of short presentations moderated by Luc Meier of swissnex San Francisco. The panel will discuss topics such as what goes into curating a a piece of sound art, performance capabilities in a multichannel environment, sound localization in 3D space, ambisonics vs. other playback systems, netlabel culture, and psychoacoustics.

Feel free to bring your questions, ideas, and research to the open discussion that will ensue after the panel.

6:00pm – 6:45pm : Presentations
6:45pm – 7:15pm : Panel
7:15pm – 8:00pm : Open Discussion


Luc Meier is the Interdisciplinary Programs Manager at swissnex San Francisco, a Swiss knowledge outpost for science, education, art and innovation.