Immersive Lab | an interactive audio-visual experience

The Immersive Lab, created at the Zurich University of the Arts’ Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology, will be at Gray Area from November through December. It is an interactive audio-visual immersive space for artistic experimentation and experiences. Throughout the month, we will produce a series of receptions, artist talks, and workshops with our partners from swissnex San Francisco and the Consulate General of Switzerland in San Francisco.


November 13th, 6pm-9pm: Opening Reception

November 14th – 19th: Interactive Sound and Visual Installation Workshop

November 19th: Creative Code Meetup XXI 

Open Hours
November 23 – November 25: Open Hours 4pm-6pm
November 26 & 27:  Closed for Thanksgiving
November 30 – December 11: Open Viewing Hours Monday – Friday from 1PM – 6PM

This installation as a platform is the fruit of several years of investigation and artistic creation. The term Immersion is used in a broader sense. Apart from spatial envelopment by image and sound, additional levels of immersions are generated for the visitors: they enter into a dedicated physical space, direct tactile interaction on the panoramic surface enhances their personal engagement, and finally within the shared space arise group behavior and social interactions. Such an extended form of immersion provides a multi-faceted experience. The compositions can be collaboratively created and combine visual and sonic material with generative and algorithmic methods. The artistic approach focuses on real-time pieces that react to visitor interaction and that take advantage of the panoramic nature of the installation.

Different forms of engagement are possible within the installation. The audience can freely explore the works and experience different types of perceptions. Artists can experiment with the development of compositional strategies for working with different senses and artistic domains. The installation exposes foundational aspects of immersion such as spatial and multi-sensory perception, which provide interesting topics for investigation.Work in the ‘Immersive Lab’ happens in different phases, activities, and addresses different people. Artists and advanced students have the opportunity to become involved more intensely by creating entirely new pieces. For this, the ICST offers to share its experience, methods, and tools for development and realization of ideas for this particular media space. Finally, in the exhibition context, general audiences are invited to experience the catalogue of works.


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