Immersive Preview Performance of “Rush | This Is How I Know I’m Alive”

A night you won't soon forget, be the first to experience LEVYdance’s immersive dance performance in collaboration with Media Artists from Gray Area.



On June 7th, LEVYdance at Gray Area will present a preview of the art and technology of their new upcoming immersive, audiovisual dance performance “Rush | This Is How I Know I’m Alive.” A multidisciplinary collaboration between choreographers, dancers, digital artists, and musicians, this experimental performance will challenge your expectations of a night out experiencing music and dance.

This project is a collaboration between LEVYdance and the creative technologists in Gray Area’s Incubator program, as part of a year long Research Lab exploring experiential spaces and immersive art. To explore new modes of expression and performance, Incubator members will create responsive digital art experiences that will utilize real-time biometric data of performers and the audience to guide the course of the performance.

“Rush | This Is How I Know I’m Alive” is an indoor promenade dance performance lasting up to one and a half hours. The suggested arrival times for immersive dance performances ranges from 8-11pm. After admission, guests embark upon an individual journey and may stay inside the performance for as long as they wish, or return to explore another path for another performance.

Stay tuned for more announcements and ticket sales.

Dancers + Company

More dancers and additional cast to be announced.

Garance Marneur

Garance Marneur, LEVYdance's first Executive Artistic Director, has directed, designed and curated more than 60 productions in the UK and internationally for theatre, dance, opera, and film, including works for Trafalgar Studios in London, National Theatre in London, Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Royal Shakespeare Company, Royal Shakespeare Company, Abbey Theatre in Dublin, the Exploratorium, and NBC Universal. Marneur won the Linbury Prize for Stage Design in 2007, and was nominated for Best Scenic design at the Broadway World UK Awards in 2014. She relocated to the United states to take over the reins of LEVYdance in 2015.


LEVYdance – through its dance company, artist-in-residence programs, and studio space in SoMa – is dedicated to creating art that ignites awareness of our shared human experience. At the core of LEVYdance is an internationally-touring dance company recognized for innovative, interdisciplinary, interactive works that explore the nuances of being human. Beyond performing in traditional venues, LEVYdance creates innovative multi-media, site-specific and installation works that explore new relationships between performer and audience.

Media Artists

Ashwath Anand

Ashwath is a Creative Technologist from India who lives and works in San Francisco. His varied background and interests has enabled him to pursue projects that involve design, engineering, human interaction and experiential technology. Technology, good food and the great outdoors fascinate him endlessly and he tries to immerse myself in all of these things through his work and hobbies. Ashwath pursues projects that involve physical computing, Augmented Reality, LEDs and music.

Rachel Rose Ulgado

Rachel Rose Ulgado is an artist, technologist, and researcher. She uses code as an artistic medium to explore new ways of interacting and engaging with the world. Her most recent work focuses on creating 3D interactive experiences for VR and the web. She is a resident of the incubator program at Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, where she also teaches and mentors students in learning creative coding and media arts. She holds bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and informatics (with a specialization in human-computer interaction) from the UC Irvine, where she started a campus makerspace and designed educational tools for adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder. She holds a master’s degree in human-centered design and engineering from the University of Washington, where she researched feminist hackerspace communities. She was a student at the School for Poetic Computation in New York in 2014. She has worn many hats - worked as a UX researcher and designer, a developer, and creative technologist at a variety of tech and design companies, including IBM, Intel, Schema Design, and most recently, Xerox PARC.

Marc Schroeder

Marc Schroeder is a San Francisco-based multimedia technologist working with creative code, electronic music, written word, and data systems. His background is in radio, live DJing, and Computer Science. In all mediums, Marc is most interested in finding the thoughtful, introspective spaces hidden between identifiable styles by digging deeply for unexpected connections.

Sean Stillwell

Sean lives and works in San Francisco, CA. He works in the local maker and burner scenes where he continues to expand his tool set from conceptual art, bronze casting, and mix media sculpture to 3D parametric modeling, interactive LED programming, mapped projection & animation, and immersive experience design. With 6 years under his belt as an architectural designer at both an international corporate firm and a local high end residential firm, he has a great deal of experience delivering large, complex projects on time and on budget. He has a passion for sustainable, integrated design, and his ongoing art explorations often source salvaged material and/or champion home, planet earth, through education and activism.

Special Support

For this collaborative project was provided by New England Foundation for the Arts.