3D Cinematic Environments Workshop

Learn to build a 3D rendered world through our 3D Cinematic Environments Workshop.

Workshop Overview

This two-day workshop will be an introduction to Unreal Engine 4 and it's editor. You’ll learn modeling and procedural animation. We will also combine camera motion, lighting and effects to explore Unreal Engine as a tool for cinematic real time animation.

Workshop Logistics

Date: Two-day workshop meets 6pm-9pm on Tuesday, February 5th & Thursday, February 7th, 2019
Cost: $240 (6hrs x $40/hr)
Experience Level: Beginners are welcome but participants would benefit from some 3D or programming experience.
Requirements: A recent Macbook Pro or similar Windows gaming laptop with Unreal Engine 4.21 installed.

Workshop Outline

- Layout of the UE4 Editor
- Modeling using BSP geometry
- Lighting and environmental effects
- Camera control
- Animation sequencer
- Basic scripting in blueprints

About Technologies

Unreal Engine 4 is a suite of integrated tools for game developers to design and build games, simulations, and visualizations. UE4’s visual scripting language, Blueprints, is an accessible way to create procedural animation and interaction so artists, designers and developers are all welcome.

Part of the Creative Coding Workshop Series

There are 4 workshops from Jan 22 - Feb 21st, 2019

- Interactive Face-Tracking Workshop
- Pixel Mapping for the Stage Workshop
- 3D Cinematic Environments Workshop
- Generative 3D Modeling Workshop

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Enroll in multiple workshops receive a discount

- 10% discount for 2 workshops
- 15% discount for 3 workshops
- 20% discount for 4 workshops

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Ray McClure

Ray McClure founded his interactive studio Dreamboat in 2009 to develop web and installation experiences. Notable creations include PollySynth, a multiplayer polyphonic synthesizer, and 808 Cube which combines a Roland TR-808 drum machine with a Rubik's cube. As a member of the Gray Area Cultural Incubator program he created the mixed reality installation Amazing Grace and Computers. In 2016 he started the virtual reality studio Plus Four with partner Casey McGonagle. Their voice controlled VR project VVVR was developed at the Convergence residency in Banff, Canada and featured at both the 2016 Gray Area Festival and David Lynch's Festival of Disruption.