Sentient Art Works: A Debut

Experience "Life Cycle of a Dryad," prototyping a vision of vitality.

Open to the public
Free admission

August 24, 2019
2pm - 6pm

What do place-making, local communities and the wider social and natural world have in common? If one looks at the state of our physical spaces, fragmented population and unfettered capitalism today, the answer is 'not much.' This body of work builds on Joshua Bacigalupi's decades long exploration into architecture, participatory design, art, biological systems research and interactive installations to prototype a synthesis of our fragmented human existence.

The vision of this body of work is a radical re-integration of the now dis-integrated physical, spiritual and natural aspects of our collective being. It is simultaneously a deep and broad exploration into how our species remains vital on the only known living planet.

This exhibition is presented by Sentient Art Works at Gray Area.


Joshua Augustus Bacigalupi

Now the Founding Principal of Sentient Art Works, Josh’s vocation is to understand how people and their environments maintain vitality and thrive on this planet. Throughout his life, the synthesis of both art and science have grounded this understanding. As an undergraduate, he studied environmental science and physical chemistry at UCSB. To better understand the nexus between complex social and physical systems, he went on to study architecture. He earned a master's degree from the University of Colorado, Denver, and studied municipal and urban space design in Finland and Italy. Upon return, he served as head designer for the flagship District no.1 police station in Denver that earned AIA and industry design awards. This design success reawakened his passion for how an art/science practice can elucidate a more sustainable relationship between humans, technology, their built environment and the wider biosphere. Most recently this led him to the Exploratorium where he co-founded the Studio for Public Spaces five years ago with Shawn Lani and others. They built a collaborative process and body of work that deeply explored these questions of vitality at the individual, community and institutional scales. Sentient Art Works is the next evolution of that exploration.