Summer of Smart: Public Health+Food+Nutrition

Take an idea to change the city as far as you can in 48 hours. Then bring your prototype to government and make it a reality. Welcome to Democracy 3.0.

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A hackathon for everyone…where your work will be seen by the next mayor, and you can win a research residency, present to nine mayoral candidates, and other prizes!

The best solutions always emerge from diverse minds coming together to solve common problems. That’s why we’re inviting the Bay Area’s best urbanists, artists, journalists, scientists, communicators, business and civic minds, and more to join leading developers and designers in prototyping and building ways to improve life for all citizens of San Francisco – and eventually, beyond. (Who Should Attend) List your skillsets and areas of expertise in your registration, and check out what types of people you’ll be working with in the attendee list.

Join us for the third of three Urban Innovation Weekends as part of the Summer of Smart, an initiative of Gray Area Foundation for the Arts (@Gray Area) in partnership with San Francisco Department of Technology, Code for America, SPUR, The Bay Citizen,, GovFresh, Shareable, and many others!  We’ll be prototyping solutions to address pressing urban issues, and this third weekend will focus on projects centered around Public Health, Food, and Nutrition.

Start with a keynote, hack and create, end with a party.

The weekend will begin with an introductory keynote address by Former US Secretary of Agriculture and Former UNICEF Executive Director Ann Veneman on Friday evening.

Two local community speakers will also speak. Then, teams will be formed after introductions of all attendees, some icebreakers, and sharing of crowdsourced ideas for projects coming from CityCampSF, SFOpen 2011 and #SoSidea.  Teams are welcome to stay and work through the night, as Saturday and Sunday will be full workdays before presentations and discussion on Sunday evening.

We’ll close things out with a mixer party where we’ll discuss the projects developed over the weekend and all things tech, health, food/ag, and Gov 2.0 – anyone is welcome to attend.


Attendees of the hackathon get free drinks at the party as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday and Sunday!  Tips and donations are encouraged.


Submit and view ideas for all three SoS weekends here.


This weekend, and during our other two innovation weekends this summer, we will help take the transformative ideas generated at CityCampSF and turn them into action. We’ll be creating solutions for a better San Francisco through grassroots innovation and participatory hacktivism. Jay Nath, Director of Innovation for the City of San Francisco, will join us Friday night to break down the outcomes of the event and build upon the momentum and ideas it generates.


A key principle behind Summer of Smart is sustainability and recognition for the projects created.

– A select number of teams from Summer of Smart will be awarded Gray Area residencies in the Fall/Winter of 2011 to pursue their work, as well as fundraising assistance and nonprofit fiscal sponsorship (if desired) through Gray Area’s Research Program.

– Select projects will receive up to a week of technical, hands-on developer support from Summer of Smart supporter Exygy, a local startup dedicated to building web and mobile applications for social changemakers.

– The top five projects from all three Summer of Smart events will have the unique opportunity to present their work directly to all nine major mayoral candidates at our final public forum in October.

– All projects created will be featured on The Bay Citizen, Summer of Smart website, Gray Area’s website, and a number of other media outlets, and will be presented to San Francisco mayoral candidates as the summer progresses.



6-6:15: Community speakers

6:15-7: Keynote speakers: Ann Veneman, Esther Dyson, and Dr. Jordan Shlain

7-8: Introductions, icebreakers, idea-sharing, and team formation

8-11 (or overnight): Begin prototyping/hacking/creating


9:00-12:30: Working, breakfast

12:30-1:30: Working lunch, team check-ins

1:30-7:00: Working

7:00-8:00: Dinner

8-11 (or overnight): Working


9:00-12:30 pm: Working,  breakfast

12:30-1:30: Working lunch, final team check-ins

1:30-4:00: Finalize prototypes and complete work

4:00-5:30: Team presentations, discussion, and voting

5:30-8:00: Mixer party, drinks, dinner, and relaxing!

Who Should Attend

– Developers and designers

– Architects, engineers, urban planners/designers

– Public health professionals and nutritionists

– Food system activists/experts and urban agriculture practitioners

– Sustainability professionals

– Journalists and writers

– Video/audio editors and artists of all kinds

– Community and public policy activists

– Media and social networking gurus

– Researchers, thinkers, idea curators

– Technology and urban art lovers

– Entrepreneurs and business leaders

– Students and teachers of any discipline

– Anyone who wants to improve their city!


About Summer of Smart

The Summer of Smart is an intensive, four-month experiment in urban innovation – the new Summer of Love. Over the course of this summer, urbanists of many disciplines – developers, designers, planners, journalists, civic leaders, community activists, and more – will come together to address the most pressing issues facing cities today. In the end, the leading projects will be publicly presented to candidates in the San Francisco mayoral race, along with an esteemed panel of experts, to generate a meaningful dialogue around the potential of new tools to create lasting change.


Summer of Smart is made possible by the generous support of the San Francisco Foundation, Adobe Foundation, CraigConnects, Serious Energy, Waze, and Exygy, among others.

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