The Bunker A/V Summer Sessions Pt. 2 w/ Atom™ + Tobias

  •   - Jan 01


Date: Friday, August 10th, 2012
Time: 9pm – 4am
Location: Monarch 101 Sixth St. (@ Mission St.) San Francisco, CA 94103

Join us on August 10th at Monarch (6th + Mission) for Round 2 of GAFFTAHours: the Bunker A/V Sessions #2 with Atom™ + Tobias. This audiovisual showcase is the second iteration in a two part series of our collaboration with the New York techno institution, the Bunker. Again, the Bunker has curated the sound artists for the event and GAFFTA will be presenting some of our favorite code-based visual artists, including NYC-based visualists vade and outpt. Find out more about Part 1 of the A/V sessions w/ Voices from the Lake.

Atom™ + Tobias – LIVE

(Mule/Logistic :: Chile/Berlin)

Atom™ and Tobias Freund are both well known figures in electronic music. In fact, many would argue that they are living legends. Tobias began his career in the early ’80s, mainly using the pseudonym “Pink Elln”. He looks back on a long sequence of music making that has led him from mainstream pop to club music, and then onto the experimental and unclassifiable. Uwe Schmidt, better known as Atom™, has a similar musical background. He is most well known for his work under the Señor Coconut moniker, but has worked under dozens of other aliases, all with their own sound.

Atom™ and Tobias met around 1986, while both were still living in Frankfurt. The pre-techno scene was blossoming when they met in a studio. In 1990, Tobias was the engineer who helped mix and record Atom™’s first release ever. As a natural consequence, Tobias and Atom™ started to work together. Strangely, they collaborated not so much in a studio environment, but mostly playing improvised electronic music concerts. In 1992 they recorded probably one of the very first live techno recordings ever, the 12-inch “Elektroniikkaa,” which soon became an underground anthem.

Even though their paths separated for a while in the ’90s, with Atom™ moving to Santiago de Chile and Tobias relocating to Berlin, they reconnected their machines on a live stage again in 2003 at Mutek in Chile. Even though they had stopped working together for almost 10 years, the reactivation worked perfectly and they decided to share the stage more often. They have been playing many concerts worldwide since the successful re-launch in 2003, including appearances at Berghain, The Bunker, and Labyrinth.

Their live sets are always completely improvised, both immersing into the unknown territory of the club, the audience and the sound.

Mike Servito

(Ghostly/Bunker :: NYC)

Mike Servito is from a very special yet temporary and partially lost fertile crescent of techno / house / party DJing. It was a time when raves were still a fresh idea, almost felt like a revolution, and DJs like Claude Young, D Wynn, Derrick Carter and Mike Huckaby were informing an upcoming generation. If you look directly to that inspired generation, you will find the lost threads of Detroit Techno, House, and beyond. This group of DJs deliver insanely deep mixing skills and the ability to rock almost any kind of party with an improvisational approach so skilled and seemingly well thought out that even they are surprised by where their sets will go. It will take you there! In the future, this special generation of deep midwest mixers will be remembered and revered as the wizards they are, long after the trendy players have lost their luster.

Detroit never forgot about Mike Servito. His upfront dirty, deep, and bitchy taste has had an impact on Detroit nightlife for over a decade. From debuting in 1995 at Dat’s Poorboy parties, to being a resident at blackbx and Ghostly’s Untitled (along with Derek Plaslaiko, Tadd Mullinix, Matthew Dear, and Ryan Elliott), contributing to the bizarrely popular, wild and free Dorkwave, progressing that concept into Sass (the hippest queer party in Detroit at the time), and blowing minds at Interdimensional Transmissions’ No Way Back parties, Servito has made his impression. Moving to Brooklyn, Detroit’s loss has been their gain, as he has found a proper home with a new residency at the Bunker, and worldwide representation from Beyond Booking.

Carlos Souffront

(Interdimensional Transmissions :: SF)

Carlos Souffront is a music gourmet, a true DJ’s DJ. His taste is rich and vast and he has the unique ability to create deeply rhythmic narratives that offer unexpected and exotic spices. He mastered his deep mixing skills with a cassette deck and a belt drive turntable in his father’s den in Troy, home of contemporaries such as Mike Servito, Tadd Mullinex and Matt Dear. Equally entrenched in indie rock, post punk, experimental music, ambient, house, and techno, Carlos was always a man of many worlds – with an ability to traverse among them with a unique imagination. There is a mood to his search within sound, something that is heavy, deep yet gritty. Like many Caribbean transplants that ends up in northern colder climates, he wonders where our rhythmic complexity is. For him it is effortless and endlessly surprising to the listener.

Carlos is an important component of the Interdimensional Transmissions parties, bringing a loose yet tight moody deepness and an ever unexpected edge. At the original No Way Back party, he demanded truth in advertising, pushing us to and then past the 12 hour mark. He has participated in the studio with Ectomorph, and also played alongside some of their live performances.

It is all too rare to find someone within the electronic music spectrum who can be called an original, defying explanation to all but those who experience him on the dance floor. This experience could only be described by saying “that’s so,” followed by a name. Carlos is one of those rarities.

Jason Kendig

(Honey Soundsystem / Mr. INTL :: SF)

Jason Kendig is a resident DJ at Honey Soundsystem and MR.INTL label co-owner with Andy Butler of Hercules and Love Affair, as well as their guest DJ on recent tours. He’s played with Horse Meat Disco in London and at Club Lux in Lisbon, Tripod in Dublin, Pratersauna and Fluc Wanne in Vienna, Berghain in Berlin and Hafen 2 in Frankfurt. He’s known to bring an extremely wide range of old and new school disco, house and techno.


(No Way Back :: SF)

15 years of collecting records, and performing in discos and parties across the U.S. — including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Miami. Playing alongside luminaries such as Greg Wilson, Mike Huckaby, LCD Soundsystem, Metro Area, !!! (Chk Chk Chk), Maurice Fulton, Lindstrom, Pal Joey, Rub-N-Tug, Bebel Gilberto, Harvey, Trevor Jackson, Virgo Four, Optimo, Theo Parrish, Larry Heard, and Tim Sweeney. He is currently a resident at No Way Back as well as making frequent guest appearances on Jeno’s cult favorite show, Noise From The Void. He has released edits for Rong Music and Public Release.



Anton Marini (vade) is a video performance artist, programmer and video engineer. His artwork focuses on improvisation and realtime manipulation of video. He plays, bends, rips, tears, shreds, morphs, molds, glitches and synthesizes pixels to form new visual experiences.

A former researcher in residence at NYU’s Brooklyn Experimental Media Center, he has taught in the Parsons/New School Design and Technology Department and performed at many new media and video festivals around the world. He designs open source tools to help facilitate video performance media.


Outpt is audio/visual artist Mary Ann Benedetto from Brooklyn, New York. She has been creating an ever-evolving, always energetic visual performance since 2009 using a variety of tools including her own custom software, Orbitr, Processing, Quartz Composer, and VDMX. She has toured with Anamanaguchi and has collaborated with Paris Treantafeles, as outpt + paris. Together, they have created live visuals performances while touring clubs and concert venues throughout the United States and have produced video and graphic content for artists across North America and Europe.

Stephanie Sherriff

Stephanie Sherriff is an interdisciplinary sculptor, performer, and media artist currently residing in Oakland, California, and has been a visual performer with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts since 2010.

Her current experiments with software-driven, visual performance utilize an ever-morphing interface built in Max MSP/Jitter, able to distort and mix video. Each channel of video is programmed with an ability to control, loop, layer, and manipulate low-fi digital video footage. The unpredictable, pixilated distortion of light and motion resulting from the quality of low-fi video imagery make Stephanie’s work both interesting and unique. Her performances act as an opportunity to experiment with color, texture, and motion, while our brains do the work to make the looping imagery tell a story.


Erik is a principal at Office vs Office, which was founded in 2004 as a design and interaction boutique. Office vs Office has serviced a wide array of clients both commercial and non working with the likes of Scott Snibbe, Iwamotoscott, the De Young Museum, GAFFTA, Herman Miller, Adaptive Path, Surefire, and WIRED. Alternatively Erik has a second focus as a video artists that began in 2003 at the now defunct Beta Lounge where he played his first live show with Funkstörung. He has since been honored as a Blasthaus resident VJ, been invited to perform at the WMC, and has recently enjoyed working with Bonobo and Jacques Green. Erik’s work is an evolving specimen that aims to provide appropriate contextual solutions and content. It is a constant exploration of materials, processes, and technology with a focus on timelessness.