The Bunker A/V Sessions: Audiofly, Fred P, Patrice Bäumel, Bryan Kasenic & more

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Date: Saturday, March 23rd, 2013
Time: 9pm – 3:30am
Location: Public Works 161 Eerie St. (Off Mission between Duboce and 14th) San Francisco, CA 94103


We are excited to present our latest collaboration with The Bunker (NYC), this time teaming up with San Francisco’s As You Like It crew to take over Public Works on March 23rd.

As well as welcoming Bunker resident Fred P and founder Bryan Kasenic, the night will also host live performances by Patrice Bäumel and AYLI resident Christina Chatfield, as well as DJ sets from Luca Saporito of Audiofly and AYLI resident Mossmoss. GAFFTA collaborators Ryan Alexander and Stephanie Sherriff will provide live visual performances, and we are also excited to be transforming the Public Works space with an exhibition of artworks from our Tribeca Hacks: Archives running throughout the evening.

[person name=”Audiofly (Luca)” title=”DJ” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Although widely regarded as a member of the true A-list of dance music, both in terms of production, DJing and label management, it was a chance meeting led to Anthony Middleton and Luca Saporito, an audio engineer/musician and working dj respectively, becoming Audiofly back in 2002.

Middleton was, in typical boffin style, experimenting with live surroundsound while Saporito was acting as in-house music selector at prestigious London store Selfridges but the pair decided to down tools and throw everything at their shared love of house music.

A bold move, but one which immediately began to pay off. The Audiofly name started to crop up regularly in the London scene and beyond via a series of edits, remixes and releases for underground imprints such as Fantastic House and Deleted. This initial hype led to Peace Division and DC10 resident Clive Henry to request an EP for the now legendary Low Pressings imprint.

This EP, entitled “Release Yourself” caught many an ear and coupled with the DJs growing reputation as DJs, propelled Audiofly to a new level. Fairly quickly the pair’s groovy, melodic and undulating take on house music started to create a huge fan base, both in the press (DJ Magazine featured the duo on a special covermount CD), in clubs (Space Ibiza residency) and finally in production, with uber-imprints Get Physical, Mood Music, Kickboxer and Renaissance calling on their talents.

Now, the duo are pushing their sound even further with a gig diary that takes in the likes of Fabric, Warung, Amnesia and countless other world renowned clubs as well as a forthcoming album in the works but they still finding time to develop other artists via their own Supernature imprint.

Only one year old, and Supernature has been a launch pad for artist such as Ali Nasser, Alex Niggeman, Bearweasel, Amelie and Boris Horel and commands the respect of labels ten times its age while their Flying Circus parties have become the highlights of both the WMC and Sonar festivals and their similarly named radio show for Proton Radio is a continued success.

All of this sounds a lot, but Luca and Anthony are veritable steam trains of ideas and projects. Luca’s unrivalled enthusiasm, Anthony’s ability to think outside the box and an envious amount of talent to draw on mean there’s a
lot more to come from Audiofly and their “Familia”.

[/person] [person name=”Fred P (Black Jazz Consortium)” title=”DJ” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Fred P has truly captivated the house fraternity of late with his deep as the ocean house cuts on his very own Soul People Music as well as on Underground Quality. The word deep has recently been used to a point of overkill but one man that word applies to in his character as well as the music he makes is Fred . Fred is no newcomer either, he has been carving and working on music for the past 20 years, so there is knowledge and skill there!!!

Fred , Jus Ed , Dj Qu & Levon Vincent became much more than just New York DJ’s and producers. They truly captivated and captured audiences from all over the place with their highly intoxicating take on house music. Articles and heavy features came from the likes of Resident Advisor , xlr8r and many more but Fred & the rest of the crew remain focused and truly humble. The devastatingly brilliant Deep Things Ep truly cemented Fred position as a producer of note. Little White Earbuds could not get enough of Fred and made his ace Structure cd album their number one album of 2010.

[/person] [person name=”Patrice Bäumel” title=”LIVE” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Some people are collectors. They collect foto’s, books, records. They cherish the memories that are attached to these things, mentally re-living bygone days. The older and rarer an object is, the more valuable and fascinating it seems to them.

Patrice is not one of those people. No foto collection. Memory is baggage. No vinyl fetish. Tradition is limitation. Future, however, is a blank sheet of paper, waiting to be scribbled upon in the maddest colours imaginable. The excitement of the unknown is what motivates him to experiment and break free from the herd. Holy cows need to be slaughtered every now and then. Look closely and you will see blood on his hands…

[/person] [person name=”Bryan Kasenic” title=”DJ” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Bryan Kasenic (aka Spinoza) is known in the electronic music world for founding The Bunker, playing adventurous DJ sets, launching an influential newsletter, and starting Beyond Booking, his own booking agency.

Although Spinoza has been playing tons of techno and house lately, he loves all music, and has a past that cannot be pinned down to just one genre. He started DJing in 1996, playing psychedelic soundscapes in chillout rooms and on college radio shows (Carnegie Mellon, Rutgers, and New York University). Slowly but surely, he became more obsessed with all forms of dance music, and at this point plays dance music in New York City at least twice a month, mainly at his own Bunker parties.

[/person] [person name=”Christina Chatfield” title=”LIVE” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Christina Chatfield is a techno and house producer and live performer based out of San Francisco, California.

She is an avid user of both hardware and software in the studio, with the use of analog synthesizers giving her music a unique, organic sound that is her own. Her live sets have garnered near-unanimous praise, earning her a residency with San Francisco event producer As You Like It. Working under her own name and also the pseudonym Anitserk, she has released on Detroit label Beretta Grey, Klectik Records, and Racecar Productions.

[/person] [person name=”Mossmoss” title=”DJ” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Mossmoss (aka Mattie Bowen) is a Scottish born dj and producer with an intense passion for deep dance music. His love for music and desire to live a joyful and productive life fuels his passion for art and creativity. An artist by nature and a listener by choice, his wandering sets often paint landscapes of light and dark patterns, textures, and melancholy melody. Heavily influenced by a long stint in the Mid West in proximity to Detroit and Chicago, he brings that influence to the Bay Area and draws on The City and its colorful nightlife for constant immersive inspiration.

Mossmoss was the first As You Like It resident. His range can be credited with the shape of most line-ups. You can catch him opening the night, closing the night, peak-hour, and off-peak. Basically, Mossmoss makes it happen.



[person name=”Ryan Alexander” title=”Live Visuals” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Ryan Alexander experiments with generative techniques in animation and design. He spends his time hacking software for live visuals, and exploring what’s possible with all the crazy tools humanity has at it’s disposal. You can find stills of his recent work on here:

[/person] [person name=”Stephanie Sherriff” title=”Live Visuals” url=”” thumb_url=””]

Stephanie Sherriff is an interdisciplinary sculptor, performer, and media artist currently residing in Oakland, California, and has been a visual performer with Gray Area Foundation for the Arts since 2010. Her current experiments with software-driven, visual performance utilize an ever-morphing interface built in Max MSP/Jitter, able to distort and mix video. Each channel of video is programmed with an ability to control, loop, layer, and manipulate digital video footage, resulting in surreal compositions.




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