Cultural Incubator Showcase v1

While Gray Area works to #ReviveTheGrand, join us for the inaugural showcase of work from Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator Program. For the past three months, The Grand Theater has served as a lab for a small cohort of artists and creative technologists to develop work.

Gray Area’s Cultural Incubator program supports the exploration of new ideas at the confluence of art, design, social sciences, and technology. The Cultural Incubator is a sustaining membership program to bring creative individuals and teams from a wide array of disciplines together in a rich multidisciplinary workspace and social environment.

On January 29th, the founding members of the program will exhibit installations, softwares, research and work-in-progress. Doors open at 7pm, and members will be presenting on stage at 8pm.

The Program is led by Pierre Forcioli-Conti, Gray Area’s Program Director and produced by Seabrook Gubbins, Production Manager.

The showcase will feature work from Founding Cultural Incubator Members,

Ray McClure – Amazing Grace and Computers

In the book Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects, Daniel Lélis Baggio thanks God for “the opportunity of working with computer vision.” and the “wonderful algorithms He has created for us to see”.

Pairing an array of cameras, virtual reality, and audio hardware Ray built a monument to the bonding of human and computer senses and potential transcendence of biology.

Annalee Newitz – Patents and Robbery in San Francisco, 2000-2014

Recent network analysis theory suggests that as city populations grow, numbers of patents and crimes will grow at an even faster rate. Here’s how that happened in San Francisco. Though most researchers treat patents as a sign of innovation and progress, others consider them a form of theft. Annalee’s presentation will trouble the distinction between patents and crime, with San Francisco’s changing population forming an underlying narrative linking them together.

George Zisiadis – Interactive Wall Sculptures

A series of interactive wall sculptures that are surprisingly mischievous.

Jon Voss & Kerri Young – Historypin

Using a set of projectors to share historical visual content of San Francisco Mission District, Jon and Kerry will moderate a discussion with historians from SFPL, SFMTA Archives and Western Railroad Museum Archives, and locals to get a sense of what the Mission has been over time, and may be in the future.

Moreshin Allahyari & Willa Koerner – Chatrooms

Co-curated by Morehshin Allahyari and Willa Köerner from within the Cultural Incubator, Chatrooms is a series of one-night-only events and exhibitions which highlight contemporary new media art practices and conditions. During the showcase, Chatrooms will present a selection of artworks from past events, as well as invite those at Gray Area (and online!) to participate in a chatroom dedicated to identifying and solving the problems of artmaking in the digital age.

Joanna Cheung – Pseudo Code Mom

Our interactions can be parsed into step by step instructions. By using the syntax structure of software, Joanna re-creates the predictability of mundane relationships using if–else statements, the recursive moodiness and the random illogical behaviours demonstrated by both her mother and herself.

Mikko Järvenpää and Lauen Elia –

Infogram will present ways to tell stories and insights with data, using some local data points as examples, and share a Gray Area infographic with details about the projects going in the space since the October 2014.

Alexander Randon – New Music App 

A new musical sequencer concept for iPad.

Bill Thibault – IRL Carpet

IRL Carpet is an attempt to see if the cues of conventional film editing are enough to communicate emotional messages. The viewer is free to act with or against the emotional charges of the conventional style, if perceived at all.

One or two people stand in the designated area, are captured by 3d cameras, and are placed into a real-time cinematic experience using algorithms for person tracking and virtual cinematography.  An ambient music soundtrack by Kenneth Atchley controls aspects of the scene.

Tim Roseborough – PuzlCult

A social media / Web based set of puzzles and contests which will encompass a wide range of popular and visual culture, from film, music, art and even brand logos. A continuing stream of puzzles will build to occasional Web- or IRL- based treasure hunts with prizes, symbolic or otherwise.

$5-$20 sliding-scale entry to support Gray Area’s programming. Please donate more to help this program continue and support media art in San Francisco:


Annalee Newitz

Mostly I write books of the nonfiction and fiction varieties.

My first novel, Autonomous, come out from Tor in September 2017. I’m also the author of Scatter, Adapt and Remember: How Humans Will Survive a Mass Extinction (Doubleday and Anchor), which was a finalist for the LA Times Book Prize …

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Ray McClure

Ray McClure founded his interactive studio Dreamboat in 2009 to develop web and installation experiences. Notable creations include PollySynth, a multiplayer polyphonic synthesizer, and 808 Cube which combines a Roland TR-808 drum machine with a Rubik’s cube. As a member of the Gray Area Cultural Incubator program he created the …

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Morehshin Allahyari

Morehshin Allahyari (born 1985) is a new media artist, art activist, educator, and cultural curator. She was born and raised in Iran and moved to the United States in 2007. Her practice is grounded in questions of political and cultural contradictions that we face every day. As a citizen of …

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Joanna Cheung

Joanna Cheung (b. San Francisco) is a multi-media artist and designer.
I create physical and virtual spaces which produce existentialist experiences and breaks down hierarchical balance between architecture and occupants.
I create objects which subvert our understanding of the object and questions our sense of interaction and relationship.
Through my …

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Mikko Järvenpää

Mikko Järvenpää is the COO of is the web’s favourite interactive infographics creation tool with millions of infographics created all over the world.’s customers range from educational institutions to media and enterprises. Earlier Mikko was a Product Marketing Manager with Google in London, …

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Willa Köerner

Willa Köerner is an artist, writer, curator and freelance creative strategist working to bring art and technology together in meaningful ways. In her artwork, she uses a diverse range of traditional and software-enabled art making techniques to explore the vast, uncharted territories of the digital realm. In her notable …

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Alexander Randon

Alexander is an electrical engineer / iOS developer / musician exploring new hardware and software musical interfaces. He’s the creator of the Arpeggionome iOS app, a new musical instrument designed to play complex arpeggios with an X-Y matrix. In the coming months, Alexander plans to create new musical instruments and tools, …

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Tim Roseborough

Tim Roseborough is a digital artist and musician. His artwork and exhibitions can be seen in numerous publications, including Artforum, Art In America, ARTnews,, the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Arts Monthly, the SF Examiner, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He has performed and shown artwork at the …

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Bill Thibault

Bill performs improvisational 3D computer graphics using his own custom-coded performance platform.
Having found realtime interactions with computers to be the only really interesting ones, he’s worked with loudspeaker arrays, multi-projector environments, MIDI and game controllers, GPUs (graphics processing units), and live camera feeds: combining many of these to synergistic …

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Jon Voss

Jon Voss is the Strategic Partnerships Director at Shift, a social enterprise with ten years experience designing consumer products that address social problems by helping people make better choices. He’s helping to build an open ecosystem of historical data worldwide through his work with the Historypin team and as the …

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Kerri Young

Kerri is the Historypin Engagement Manager, based in San Francisco. She has worked on a number of projects including the crowdsourced-based Year of the Bay, and is currently working with the US National Archives on a WWI and WWII moving image engagement project.

She is responsible for building and managing …

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George Zisiadis

George Zisiadis is an interactive artist and designer who wants to make you smile. His multidisciplinary projects playfully re-imagine the everyday and inspire new ways of seeing the world. His creative studio consults and creates interactive experiences for institutions across the globe. He lives and works in San Francisco and …

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