Tim Hecker, Jim Haynes, Ganucheau, & Desaxismundi

Gray Area is excited to announce an SF live performance by Tim Hecker. This Montreal musician will lend his special sonic narratives to fill up our new theater and grace us with his unique blend of ambient tunes.

Our space is currently still in pre-construction phase but feels better and better each day as we paint the Grand Theater. There’s a bit of dust in the air, but the space is large and open, perfect for this special evening of spatial sound and rhythm. It’s a unique time to come take a peek at our newly minted home for Art & Technology in SF! Supporting artists are Jim Haynes and Ganucheau and desaxismundi on visuals.


Tim Hecker

Over 18 years, seven solo albums and numerous sound installations and commissioned performance works, Montréal musician and sound artist Tim Hecker has turned “ambient noise” on its head, crafting his own recognizable style of abstract electronic music with profound emotional resonance – from the bleak yet all-encompassing soundscapes of his …

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Jim Haynes

I rust things.This statement has been at the center for my work for over a decade now, embracing a multiplicity of meanings. Initially, I began my investigations into rust and decay as a means to detour my shortcomings as an oil-painter; and I found myself working with mangled surfaces …

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Desaxismundi is a french generative artist and creative developer tirelessly visualizing things thanks to a constantly growing variety of real-time techniques since 2006. His work ranges from graphic/motion/interaction design to projection mapping and massive audiovisual installations. Always at the border between art, sciences and technologies, desaxismundi gives shades …

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