Transmutations Closing Reception during Art In Storefronts + After Party

  •   - Jan 01 2012

We are pleased to announce the schedule for this Friday’s events happening at GAFFTA and around Mid-Market. After months of work in and around Mid-Market through the Artery Project facilitated by the San Francisco Arts Commission and funded by the National Endowment for the Arts, Art in Storefronts is back!

Join us to celebrate the SF Arts Commission launch of Art in Storefronts, GAFFTA’s Transmutation exhibit, Burning Man’s move to mid-Market & the installation of Karen Cusolito’s Market Street Blooms at U.N. Plaza supported by Black Rock Art Foundation.

Date/Time: Friday May 13th, 5pm-10pm
Location: Gray Area Foundation for the Arts 998 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94102
5pm: San Francisco Arts Commission Art in Storefronts launch at GAFFTA and around Mid-Market
5pm- 8pm Closing reception for Transmutations: Sound, Data, and Mechanics Exhibition w/ new work
8pm-10pm Art In Storefronts After Party! Performances by: Dr. Abacus, DJ: Worthy (Dirtybird Records, Anabatic)

The closing reception for Transmutations will have additional pieces by Nick Lally, Meredith Drum, Lyes Belhocine, Drew Detweiler, and the NomadPad, curated by Jennifer Parker on the street level of GAFFTA. check out the projects below:

CUBIIC from Drew Detweiler on Vimeo.

By Lyes Belhocine and Drew Detweiler
CUBIIC is a novel interface that lets users mix audio and video in real time. Audio and video clips are selected by flipping different sides of Plexiglass cubes. Two users can interact to create an improvised collaborative performance with data shared between two stations. CUBIIC is the latest in a series of innovative media manipulation tools created by Lyes Belhocine and Drew Detweiler since their graduation from The Digital Arts and New Media Program at UC Santa Cruz. Their work has been exhibited at the Absolute Zero festival in San Jose, Zeum- The Children’s Museum of San Francisco, and in Santa Cruz at Cruzio for First Friday Santa Cruz.

touch screen
by: Meredith Drum
MAX / MSP assistance by Lyés Belhocine.
Carpentry assistance by Mitch Miller.
Touch screen with graphical interface, wooden kiosk, video projection, sound library.
If plastics could speak, what would they say? Tracing plastic products to their birthplace, the massive petrochemical factories and oil refineries that create plastic feedstocks, Louisiana Re-Storied is an interactive documentary regarding the impact of this industry on the health of specific human communities and ecosystems. The work focuses on the stretch of the Mississippi River between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Here small communities and wetlands are sandwiched between petrochemical plants whose significant toxic releases are weakly regulated by the state’s Department of Environmental Protection, an agency famous for its industrial nepotism.

by: Nick Lally
Untitled is sound reactive software which gathers ambient street noise (footsteps, traffic, conversations, etc) and renders them as 3D particle systems in real time.

by: Amy Boewer and Jack O’Neill
Nomadpad is committed to providing a free and accessible multifunctional product designed to deliver comfort and protection to those who are imposed-by the difficulties of the urban nomadic experience. Nomadpad is a nondiscriminatory, non-profit organization whose aims are to successfully supply a utilitarian product available to all users in the community of the city.