Data Canvas

Data Canvas is a media network that promotes public education around civic issues.

Sense Your City

Spread over seven cities around the world, 100 participants will build an open, Do-it-Yourself (DIY) environmental sensor network measuring air quality, noise, pollution, light, and temperature in all six cities where swissnex is located—Rio de Janiero, San Francisco, Boston, Bangalore, Singapore, Shanghai—as well as the city of Geneva, in Switzerland.



Our cities are now sentient, giant collectors and emitters of data. This data resource often goes unused, unnoticed and un-understood by citizens



Urban Digital Displays

Fostering data literacy by visualizing and streaming real-time data stories to street-level displays at partner locations.Data Canvas invites discovery and interaction because it is a shared experience, as streets and storefronts and cities always have been.


Data Canvas is a partnership between swissnex San Francisco, Gray Area, and Lift Conference.

The first edition of Data Canvas was launched as an international online challenge in 2013 to create innovative visualizations by using public transportation data sets from the cities of San Francisco, Zurich and Geneva, with the goal of strengthening the global open data movement, and engaging governments and citizens around urban questions using data. Since then we have developed the Data Canvas into a media network, online and offline, that promotes public education around civic issues, using data. Our research around public private initiatives in using data results in events, data visualization challenges, and workshops with partners around the world. Please join us.