Creative Coding for Teams and Organizations

In our team workshops participants explore a variety of technologies and techniques Gray Area uses to merge culture, technology and creativity into collaborative educational experiences. Classes are given as an introduction to open source resources and toolkits for creativity, methods for diffusing intimidation while reinforcing support structures and techniques to create expressive and engaging experiences for all skill levels.

Gray Area customizes each workshop based on an initial conversation with your team. We get an understanding of the project or deliverable the team hopes to achieve to help with their professional development. Whether it be a projection-mapped sculpture, an animated-gif selfie or a monument in augmented reality: we provide a point of entry no matter your skill set. Our focus is on diffusing the intimidation of technology so that we can share cutting edge open source tools for artistic expression.

Learning Outcomes

- Leverage your creative style and increase your confidence with digital tools
- Learn to use creative technology to inspire and engage your audience
- Learn to scope out the production of technical and interactive artworks
- Create a process and a structure for creative, collaborative, and technical group work

Potential Topics

- Animation, Video and Audio with P5js and Processing
- Physical Computing and Internet of Things with Arduino and Node.js
- Augmented and Virtual Reality with Unity, Unreal Engine, and Three.js
- 3D and Projection Mapping with Mad Mapper and Processing

Past Education Clients and Partners (partial list)

Britelite Immersive
Envelope A+D
Obscura Digital
Stamen Design
SY Partners

Public Workshops

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