Oakland Fire Fund Timeline

December 2016

• December 2, 2016: At approximately 11:30 pm, a tragic fire broke out at 1305 31st Ave, Oakland, CA, 94601
• December 3, 2016: The fund was established at 10am with an initial goal of $10,000. Gray Area held a vigil at 6pm.
• December 5, 2016: Gray Area met with the Red Cross and the City of Oakland for the first time. The Executive Director appears on CNN to increase visibility of the fund.
• December 6, 2016: The Gray Area board forms an emergency oversight committee to address the needs of this unexpected initiative.
• December 7, 2016: In an effort to gather information independently, as crucial details were not yet shared by officials, the intake form was published online on Gray Area’s website.
• December 8, 2016: Gray Area requested contact information for those affected by the fire in a letter to the District Attorney.
• December 9, 2016: The identities of the 36 deceased victims was made public.
• December 9–19, 2016: The oversight committee met again three times on December 9, 13, and 19.
• December 10–16, 2016: Gray Area established direct contact with Ghost Ship residents.
• December 11, 2016: A concert with Moby was produced by Mezzanine in San Francisco to benefit the fund.
• December 12, 2016: The Red Cross began distributing the Oakland A’s relief fund.
• December 14, 2016: Oakland United benefit event held at the Fox Theater in Oakland with Another Planet, NoisePop, Paradigm Agency, and Gray Area to raise additional funds.
• December 23, 2016: Emergency Gray Area board meeting.
• Throughout December into January, several self-organized benefit events were taking place internationally to raise additional funds. Gray Area’s Executive Director had daily meetings with local community groups, local nonprofit leaders, volunteers, foundations, and companies who were struck by the tragedy. We consulted with nonprofit finance administrators, disaster relief experts, legal counsel, and government.

January 2017

• January 2, 2017: The Red Cross shared contact information for those officially identified as next of kin, injured, and displaced victims with Gray Area.
• January 6, 2017: Staff for fund administration was onboarded.
• January 10, 2017: The shared contact information was reviewed for clarity in a meeting between Gray Area and the Red Cross.
• January 12, 2017: An internal database for case management from the intake forms was created by pro-bono developers. Intake form data were cross-checked with data from the Red Cross, as well as information from the community.
• January 18, 2017: To ensure their inclusion in our efforts, Gray Area contacted those affected who appeared on the Red Cross list but had not completed intake forms.
• January 19, 2017: A draft of recipients for the first wave of disbursement was submitted to the Gray Area Board of Directors for approval.
• January 25, 2017: Gray Area issued a press release detailing the first wave of allocations.
• January 28, 2017: The first disbursements were issued to next of kin and dozens of interviews were scheduled with Survivors to get eye witness accounts.

February 2017

• February 4, 2017: Gray Area forms two workgroups: one with members of the Immediate Relief fund to help identify those eligible under the Family Tree branch of Recovery efforts; the second to review and organize pro-bono services.
• February 5, 2017: $220,000 disbursed to Relief recipients.
• February 13, 2017: $402,000 disbursed to Relief & Recovery recipients.
• February 23, 2017: A fourth oversight committee meeting was held.
• February 24, 2017: $534,000 disbursed to Relief & Recovery recipients.

March 2017

• March 7, 2017, 5PM PST: Deadline to submit an online intake form.
• March 8, 2017: Begin review and interviews of remaining claims.
• March 31, 2017: $721,000 disbursed to Relief & Recovery recipients.

April 2017

• April 5, 2017: Deadline for all supporting documentation for phase one cases. Fifth oversight committee meets to review final cases and recommend phase two allocations.
• April 10, 2017: Gray Area board meeting to discuss phase two allocations.
• April 14, 2017: Gray Area issues press release detailing second and final wave of allocations. Distribution of these allocations begins. Disbursed funds amount to $1,030,775. Donations to Relief & Recovery are no longer accepted. Donations to Resiliency efforts can be made here. Donations to Peaches, who was critically injured but survived the fire and is still in the hospital, are still being collected.

May-June 2017

The following dates are tentative and will be updated as work on phase two concludes & work on the Resiliency project commences:

• May 5, 2017: All Relief and Recovery funds will have been distributed.
• Resiliency program development will commence in partnership with families and community partners to run through May & June.

Summer 2017

Resiliency program announcement.