Gray Area’s Creative Code education program teaches computing skills for artistic expression and professional development. We offer multiple 10-Week immersives, annual funded fellowships, youth apprenticeships and frequent specialized workshops, all with the goal to produce new work.
Responsive Curriculum
  • We change our classes regularly to teach the latest digital tools and update our curriculum in tandem with evolving fields.
  • As artists and coders ourselves, we are aware of gaps in educational offering and are able to curate classes that might not be available anywhere else.
Exceptional Faculty
  • We select seasoned educators who are passionate about accessible creative code education to lead our classes.
  • Our faculty are recognized for actively shaping their fields and practices, while also being active members of their communities.
Accessible Pricing
  • We offer college-level technology instruction for $40 per classroom hour.
  • As a nonprofit, our first priority is educating as many people as possible, regardless of income, background, or experience.
  • We champion small class size to ensure quality instruction in every course.