#arthacksf: Team Lone Wolf – LSD (Layer Synthesis Device)

Project Description

Use LSD to collaboratively VJ live video on the web! Choose video clips, animated GIFs and images and blend them together using the mixer controls. A VJ can project the browser on a screen on stage at a concert or show, and then people in the audience can log in with their phones and choose their own clips to mix! Both the main screen and all user’s screens (phones) are updated in real-time for live collaborative VJing!

The project was based on the original LSD app that blended HTML5 video in a 2d canvas. I added collaborative multi-user support and real-time updates using Firebase (beta). Since iOS and Android devices don’t fully support mixing HTML5 videos, I added an option to use animated GIFs instead (the original VJ loops!) Also fixed vertical range input support for the mixing sliders on mobile and Firefox.



Team Information

Tyler Freeman, Developer
Tyler Freeman, Designer
Tyler Freeman, VJ content/photographer
Tyler Freeman, QA
Tyler Freeman Intern

About #arthacksf

Art Hack Weekend SF is a collaboration between Gray Area and The Creators Project. The weekend is an opportunity for San Francisco’s leading web designers, developers, artists and hackers to exchange concepts, projects, and to create the next phase of cutting edge web apps.