Interactive Sound and Visual Installation Workshop

A two day workshop with additional lab time is being held at Gray Area, allowing Bay Area artists and technologists to program works for the Immersive Lab with support from its creators. In this workshop the ‘Immersive Lab’ becomes an instrument able to articulate the relationship between immersive media and direct interaction. It functions both as a space for experiential learning and creation and as an audiovisual installation for the general public

This workshop is appropriate for creative coders, musicians, immersive artists and performance artists with a comfort level in at least one of the following creative coding frameworks: OpenFrameworks, Python, PureData, MaxMSP, SuperCollider, Chuck.

  • $360 (12 hours @ $30)
  • 12 Hour Workshop with access to lab time during the week
  • Co-Lead by Daniel Bisig & Jan Schacher
  • Applicants will be interviewed assess if prerequisites are met
  • Access to develop in a cutting edge media lab environment
  • Opportunity to showcase work at a Creative Code Meetup

At the Zurich University of the Arts’ Institute of Computer Music and Sound Technology (ICST), researchers have developed a physical space which integrates panoramic video and surround audio with full touch interaction. This media space is called ‘Immersive Lab,’ and from November to December it will be installed at Gray Area.

The ICST’s ‘Immersive Lab’ is a temporary installation of a physical media space, a kind of playable media instrument,  at Gray Area. Though the name is similar to our ten-week education program,  the ICST ‘Immersive Lab’ is a different opportunity.

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