Machine Learning and Sensors Workshop

Unleash the creative potential of machine learning in this 6-hour workshop!

Saturday, August 12th: 12pm-6pm
Cost: $180 (6hrs x $30/hr)
Requirements: bring a Laptop
Experience Level: Beginner level experience in Java, Javascript or Python

The last decade has ushered in a machine learning renaissance. Technologists are now able to create predictive or descriptive programs without having to program their devices explicitly. We see the impact of these highly tuned algorithms in our favorite streaming platforms, our Facebook Newsfeed, and our ability to look up that song-we-like-but-can’t-remember-the-name-of on the radio. But Machine Learning computing techniques have immense creative potential.

This workshop will give an introduction on how to apply to machine learning to your creative practice. Using the free and open source tool Wekinator, students will learn how to train networks on a variety of inputs and translate them into new methods of expression. These techniques can be used in installation, performance, and physical computing works.

Gray Area will provide a variety of Kinects, leap motions, and midi controllers, though we encourage participants to bring any of their sensor or device they might want to use.

Discounts available for students and the underemployed.


Mark Hellar

Mark Hellar is a leading technology consultant for cultural institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond and owner of Hellar Studios LLC. Mark has worked on new media conservation initiatives at SFMoMA, MoMA and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on the conservation and care of their software-based artworks.