Meme Tactics Workshop

Dates: Friday, June 18, 2021
Times: 10am – 1pm PT / 1pm – 4pm ET

Cost: Free
Experience Level: None required

Memes make us laugh, and make a message catch on. Best of all, people can remix them and pass them on. We need all the tools we can get to negotiate power and assert presence. Meme Tactics is a session to share strategies to harness the humorous power of memes for movements. We'll share examples of dances, symbols, zines and patches from Nicaragua, India, mainland China, and beyond. You'll leave with a set of tactics specific to amplify your own messages.

This workshop is part of Revisions, a week long festival exploring how technological bias shapes our cultural realities.


Josue Chavez

Josue Chavez researches media, translation and labor in China and Central America. He is the co-curator of Meme Tactics, and his critical writing has been featured in Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media and Technology. He is a Ph.D. student in the Hispanic Studies department at Penn.

Kira Simon-Kennedy

Kira Simon-Kennedy helps creative people do impactful and interesting things as the co-founder & director of China Residencies, a co-founder of Rivet, and an independent film producer. She likes writing guides, redistributing resources, and curating meme tactics.

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