Painting with Light: Wireless LED Workshop

Paint with light in this workshop on interactive LED sculpture. In this six hour course, you will explore creating mid-size to large LED installations using the wireless ESP8266 microcontroller.

Saturday, August 5th, 12pm-6pm
Cost: $220 (6 hours x $30 + $40 dollar material fee).

Topics to be covered:

-Introduction to the ESP8266
-Introduction to addressable LED's
-Controlling addressable LED's with the Fast LED and Neopixel Libraries
-How to solder
-Using a WebGUI to monitor the LED's
-Modify and install a hybrid mobile app to monitor your installation.
-Overview of how to power an LED installation.

Discounts available for students and the underemployed.

The workshop will utilize the popular ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip with full TCP/IP stack and microcontroller unit capability. Using the controller gives you a powerful programmable, interactive, networked LED platform. It's also portable and low-cost.


Mark Hellar

Mark Hellar is a leading technology consultant for cultural institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond and owner of Hellar Studios LLC. Mark has worked on new media conservation initiatives at SFMoMA, MoMA and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on the conservation and care of their software-based artworks.