Mass Media Hacking Workshop w/ UBERMORGEN

Join the European artists of UBERMORGEN for an intensive workshop on conceptual development and utilizing technology as an artistic medium. Lixvlx and Hans Bernhard—whose past work includes “Google Will Eat Itself” (named “brilliant” by the New York Times) and Vote-Auction—will share UBERMORGAN methods and artistic process to help students build the conceptual backbone of their own projects.

August 3rd: 6pm-9pm

August 5th: 6pm-9pm

Cost: $60. Discount available for students and unemployed, please email for more info.

Technically and content wise this workshop will be completely open, participants can introduce their own work and ideas and develop concepts in their own specific areas of interest. We encourage people from all different fields to participate.

Attendees will build skills around:

  • Critical Thinking & Discourse
  • Mixing it up, methodologies in research & conceptional work
  • Affirmation & dialectics (techniques)
  • How to construct meaning
  • Seeing different models of reality
  • Alternative approaches on how to redefine and readjust set goals

Attendees should bring:

  • Paper / Pen
  • Laptop/Phone/Internet Access
  • Research Materials (Books, Print-outs, Images, Texts, etc.)
  • Works Samples of one of their key projects/products (analogue/digital)
  • Participants will also be sent a PDF of “An Analysis of a Discourse on Psychoactive Plants” by André Croucamp before the class to read prior to the workshop


lizvlx (AT, b. 1973) and Hans Bernhard (CH/USA, b. 1971) are European artists who work in installation, video, code and performance. They are doing strange things with software & hardware. Their early work is referred to as 'Media Hacking' and 'Online Performance', combining various forms of digital media into artistic action. In 2000, they created Vote-Auction, a vote-selling/buying online platform and were described by CNN as 'maverick Austrian business people'. The New York Times called their 2005 'Google Will Eat Itself' project 'simply brilliant. Their main influences are Rammstein, Samantha Fox, Guns N’ Roses & Duran Duran, Pfizer's Olanzapine & Hoffmann's LSD, Lindt's Dark Chocolate & KFC's Coconut Shrimps Deluxe.The have shown their work in major international institutions such as the Centre Pompidou, MoMA, Sydney Biennale, MACBA Barcelona, New Museum New York, SFMoma, ICC Tokyo, Gwangju Biennale and were commissioned by Serpentine Galleries London & Whitney Museum New York. Inspired by the Viennese Actionist movement, UBERMORGEN’s video, code, and online performances take place at the intersection of global financial, governmental, and gaming structures. The artists live and work in Vienna.


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