Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Inc. is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization supporting Art & Technology for Social Good.

Our mission is to apply art and technology to create positive social impact through education, civic engagement, and public programs.

We use digital tools to create art and design projects that benefit society. We test and scale projects with high impact potential, teach digital tools to support artists and technologists, and inspire our community by promoting meaningful new work.

We apply the promise and inspiration of digital art to a broader social context. Our programs are transforming cities into creative outlets, applying technology to solve problems, and shaping how art is created and consumed in the digital era.

Our Tools: A Creative Technology Overview

A selection of what we teach, support, and apply

Generative Art

Art created using software which generates a new output every time the code is run. This creates pieces which are completely unique, united by a common visual framework.

Interactive Media

Physical or digital media which responds to the actions of an observer. This facilitates a new type of engagement with art, where viewing a piece is just the beginning.

Data Visualization

Visual design and art projects based upon quantitative information. This provides the opportunity to inform and educate viewers while also celebrating beauty.

Projection Mapping

Dynamic, animated visual art projected onto surfaces of varying shapes and sizes. This allows virtually any surface to be transformed into a creative canvas.

Augmented Reality

A live view of a physical environment, overlaid with digital displays, sound, or other inputs. This allows people to interact with their everyday environment in new ways.

Spatial Sound

The manipulation of sound or music within a 3D environment. This allows an audience to be completely immersed in an audio landscape, with sound flowing all around them.

Art Games

Video games designed to emphasize aesthetics, tell a story, or produce a reaction. These offer artists a new medium to express themselves while engaging players within a new world.

Soft Circuitry

Clothing, fabric, paper, or other soft materials enhanced by technology. This enables fashion to be augmented with elements of light, sound, video, or interaction.