The Gray Area Incubator Membership is a 6-Month commitment to develop meaningful works at the intersection of art and technology. We are seeking skilled creatives to join our collaborative environment to incubate their concepts and provoke new ideas with their work.

Now accepting applications for our Fall/Winter Cohort.
Applications Due October


$250 per month membership fee
Workspace access Mon - Fri 10AM - 6PM
Weekly dedicated mentor office hours
Monthly skill-share sessions, check-ins, and happy hours
Demo Showcase user testing and public feedback.
Final Showcase to present to wider public audience
Free access to selected Gray Area events
25% off Creative Code Education Workshops
24/7 access available upon request


October 1st: Applications Close
October 10th: Members notified of Acceptance
October 23rd: Incubator Fall/Winter Session Starts
TBD: Demo Day Showcase
TBD: Final Showcase


Visual Media Arts
Creative Code
Virtual & Augmented Reality
Civic Engagement & Digital Activism
Social Entrepreneurship
Data Science
Sound & Audio
Software/ Hardware


Individual members & teams
Proposed piece at intersection of art, design and technology
Must articulate a bold vision of their body of work
Eager to be involved in community
Highly self motivated members
Record of artistic accomplishments


Mark Hellar

Mark Hellar is a leading technology consultant for cultural institutions throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond and owner of Hellar Studios LLC. Mark has worked on new media conservation initiatives at SFMoMA, MoMA and the Solomon Guggenheim Museum on the conservation and care of their software-based artworks.

Ray McClure

Ray McClure founded his interactive studio Dreamboat in 2009 to develop web and installation experiences. Notable creations include PollySynth, a multiplayer polyphonic synthesizer, and 808 Cube which combines a Roland TR-808 drum machine with a Rubik's cube. As a member of the Gray Area Cultural Incubator program he created the mixed reality installation Amazing Grace and Computers. In 2016 he started the virtual reality studio Plus Four with partner Casey McGonagle. Their voice controlled VR project VVVR was developed at the Convergence residency in Banff, Canada and featured at both the 2016 Gray Area Festival and David Lynch's Festival of Disruption. 

Chelley Sherman

Chelley Sherman is a new media artist and virtual designer based out of San Francisco. Her visual work creates narratives using elements of organic movement, texture and principles of light to build landscapes otherworldly. She is a mentor and educator at Gray Area, VR creator and developer, as well as a supporting visualist for SF techno artists.