Oakland Fire Relief, Recover, and Resiliency Fund

Fund Contact
  • Please do not call/email Gray Area's direct lines.
  • Read all information below before calling/emailing.
  • Fire Relief Fund Email: oaklandrelief@grayarea.org
  • Fire Relief Fund Phone: 415.746.9767

Please click above to donate to the Fire Relief Fund and see updates about our allocation efforts. If you need to send a check directly to Gray Area please use this template to specify that you would like your Gray Area donation to be added to the Fire Relief fund.

About the Oakland Fire Relief, Recovery, and Resiliency Fund

On Friday, December 2 at approximately 11:30 p.m.at 1305 31st Ave, Oakland, CA 94601, a tragic fire took 36 lives and sparked a nationwide dialogue around warehouse spaces. On Saturday, December 3 at approximately 10:00 a.m., Gray Area Foundation for the Arts launched a YouCaring.com campaign as an immediate response to help those affected by the tragedy. As the story unfolded in the days and weeks that followed, a fuller picture of the impact of the tragedy began to come to light.

Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has been involved in the greater Bay Area artist community for the last 10 years, has deep and personal connections with many of the presumed victims and community impacted in the tragedy. Gray Area is continuing to collect funds online and in partnership with foundations, businesses, and individuals. The fund will be managed to ensure relief of the victims’ families, recovery of our extended community, and a resiliency effort to help ensure this doesn’t happen again.

You can reach us at oaklandrelief@grayarea.org Please do not call or email our direct lines. We will only respond through the oaklandrelief@grayarea.org email.

With so much love,
Gray Area Team

Intake Form

For Victims and Families of Oakland Fire

The Relief allocation includes funding for injured fire victims, biological families of deceased victims, and displaced residents of the warehouse. Please note, these are the exact categories developed by the Red Cross in partnership with the Oakland A’s Fund.
Injured fire victims: Claimants who were injured the night of the event and received hospitalization and/or medical treatment.
Families of deceased victims: One claim per family will be accepted in this category and, in the case of conflicting or multiple claims submitted for a deceased victim, we require that families of the victims resolve all issues which may exist with regard to who the person is legally responsible for administering the estate of the deceased and therefore eligible to file the claim.
Displaced: Residents of the Ghostship warehouse who were displaced by the fire and are not party to a lawsuit related to fault of the fire.


Recovery allocation includes support for survivors of the fire and non-biological relationships that are considered family, such as life partners who may have not been legally married and relationships considered to be next of kin that may not be typically recognized by relief efforts.
Survivors: Claimants who were physically present inside the Ghost Ship at the time of the fire ando did not suffer physical injury requiring medical treatment but have suffered mental hardship, causing lost time at work. Claimants must not be party to a lawsuit in which they may be named at fault of the fire.
Family Tree: Designed to recognize, support, and help those that are not legally connected to the victims but are experiencing financial impact. Eligibility: Significant others, roommates, business/artistic partners, family members who are not next of kin who can prove they incurred financial expenses, and friends of family who can prove they incurred financial expenses.

Request Assistance

For Those in Need of Medical, Building, or Legal Assistance

We are working to help connect you with professionals who can assist in concerns about the immediate safety of their space, home, studio, and artistic practice, or need mental health assistance caused by this tragedy. We will help connect you to those who can assist in counseling, immediate improvements, legal advocacy or pro bono/discounted services. This is an effort to support the community surrounding ghost ship and to help sustain other artists and DIY spaces. If you’re a victim of the fire Ghost Ship fire and are looking for immediate assistance, or are in the process of getting evicted please see the use the Immediate relief intake form.

If you are related to the victims of the fire, please use the alternate intake form.

Offer Assistance

For Professionals Offering Medical, Building, Legal, or Pro-Bono Aid

This form is for organizations interested in offering pro bono services to those living in dangerous conditions in order to sustain their life and artistic practice, as well as medical aid or mental health assistance. Gray Area is currently using its resources to organize direct relief for victims and families, however we feel deeply that the events surrounding Ghost Ship highlight issues around affordable housing and support for artist spaces. We are eager to organize around these issues, and are moved by the many individuals and firms already offering their services to artists who struggle to practice their work in safe conditions. Our immediate focus are those affected by the tragic fire, but we are eager to work with you to provide important services and support.

Get Involved

Volunteering & Donations

This form is for individuals interested in in provided general assistance to volunteer their time or resources. This ranges from donations of goods, general volunteer work, assistance at related events, promotions, or offering other skill sets to help organize around these related issues. Our immediate focus are those affected by the tragic fire, but we are eager to work with you to provide important services and support.