DJ Ladybug

Rooted in Stagecraft & Theater Design and growing up in the Y2K American noise underground, Piano Rain aka Alexandrea Echo Archuleta has always had her focus on extreme art in all forms. From her cosmiche synthesizer pieces, IDM inspired rhythmic rave explorations and Symphonic works for orchestra, they aim to convey a sense of instrumental trans communication, most commonly associated with spirit recording and analysis.

With an underlying thread of unhinged tranquility, her live performances carry a quiet burning intensity. Inspired equally by classical music and experimental rave history, both become the ground which she glides through masterfully, having honed her practice for over two decades.

Symphony No. 1: In Order to Shine premiered in San Francisco 2022 alongside Faten Kanaan and William Basinski. Additionally, her most recent performances have been on Flatstaff Mountain in Boulder, CO with FeelslikeFloating and in remote Yurts in the California and Washington forests. All of this furthers the sense of total independence, freedom and unbridled possibilities, while immersed in breathtaking nature and sonic architecture.