Alexandrea Echo Archuleta

Alexandrea Echo Archuleta (Piano Rain, DJ Ladybug, Puzzle, House of Velocity) is a sound artist, producer, DJ and quilter born of Colorado soil, currently flourishing under the California Sun and Moon. She began her journey performing piano in cathedrals before beginning her path in the world of technical theater. Inspired by patterns in nature and subliminal perception she weaves together sounds and textures, as a healing material, into a garden of memory, connecting the past through the present and into the future. Her soundworks, like her quilt works, hold the intention of transmitting the nurturing warmth of human touch and memory activation, delivering messages beyond space to withstand the thread and test of time. Her electronic lullabies, techno reflections and house inspired waterscapes function as a holistic approach to electronics and healing on a biological, emotional and spiritual level. With the use of samples and forgotten 90’s electronics her sounds echo the nostalgia of the past, playing with time, emotion and memory access. Our collective human bio-computer systems are operating in hyper-speed thus limiting our access to certain programs of self-healing. These programs become more available to the individual through acts of deep listening, trance states and touch therapy, which can be all be triggered by sound and light vibrations across space and time. The Universal Element of Sound is one of the many keys to wellness, both on the personal and collective planes, thus a piece of the puzzle in contributing to global health and consciousness. In preserving the rhythms of nature and the heartbreakingly invisible duende absent from much of the mainstream art of the present, she builds the time capsule, a body of work intended to last immortally for the future of humanity to do as thou wilt.