Andrew McLuhan

Andrew McLuhan is a grandson of Marshall McLuhan, noted Canadian professor from the University of Toronto who was a pioneer in the field of Media/Communications studies. Andrew’s father, Eric McLuhan, was Marshall’s eldest son, who worked with Marshall from the mid-1960s until Marshall died in 1980. From 1980 until his death in 2018, Eric McLuhan continued the work he began with his father, completing important works such as ‘Laws of Media: The New Science’ (1980) ‘Media and Formal Cause (2011) ‘Theories of Communication’ (2011) among other solo works. In 2009 Andrew began work documenting and inventorying Marshall McLuhan’s annotated library (now at the Fisher Rare Book Library at the University of Toronto, and named to UNESCO’s ‘Memory of the World Register’ of globally-significant cultural artifacts) which was his first major McLuhan project, and one he speaks on regularly. For about a decade, Andrew acted as Eric McLuhan’s part-time assistant, student, and travel companion, accompanying him on speaking tours near and far, getting deeper and deeper into the unique McLuhan tradition of exploring culture and technology. Andrew is director of The McLuhan Institute, created in 2017 to continue the work begun by Marshall McLuhan and Eric McLuhan in exploring and understanding culture and technology.

Andrew regularly gives interviews, lectures, and leads classes on McLuhan work in universities and institutions around the world. Following the successful completion of UMI (the first extended course he’s given and likely the most comprehensive course ever offered on the first part of Understanding Media,) and urged on by students, Andrew decided to find a way to make a close reading of the rest of the book possible.

Andrew’s book of poems and images ‘written matter’ is published by Seattle’s Revelore Press and is available now for preorder, hitting shelves March 23rd, 2021.