Angela Lee

In 2015, I received a BA in Music with a focus on Composition, Orchestration, and Music Technology at UC Berkeley. I formed a music group called String Theory, combining live instruments with electronic music, and we worked on spatial audio research to mix our music in 4D. I collaborated with artists of other media to do an installation at Lucidity Festival with an immersive dome with 8-channel speakers, and performed music from our EP. In late 2015 I co-hosted an audiovisual show called Sentience at Public Works SF, collaborating with visual artists to create a unified experience of sight and sound in quadraphonics. I have worked as an intern with The Climate Music Project, where we used climate data to effect musical parameters, in hopes of inspiring people to resonate with and engage on the issue of climate change. In 2016, I won a Women in Computer Music Scholarship for the Mobile EEG and Computational Tools for Auditory Neuroscience Research at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford. Professionally I have been a resident DJ for the clubs in North Beach SF and queer clubs in the Castro. I am currently refocusing on producing live electronic music, as well as pursuing academics as I apply to MFA programs this year.