Delta_Ark (Ari Kalinowski)

Creative Technologist

Delta_Ark is an experimental atelier that explores climate change, artificial intelligence and belief; philosophically, the studio is committed to refining and developing an ideology of ecological transhumanism with queer Jewish flavoring.
Delta_Ark’s previous works are embodied in games (Gevurah, Hod/Yesod/Tiferet, Malkuth/Netzach/Chesed, Binah), audio-visual sets (Novascene Hekhalot), architectural research (sketchbook, swarm based construction, 3DML architecture, wave function collapse city) and applied artificial intelligence (reinforcement learning, geo-based natural language generation).

Also formerly in large scale projections in pavilions (The Beacon, Core, Islands/Accidents, Dreamcatcher, Archive of the Ecological Future, Light Atlas).

Delta_Ark’s collaborators have been Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, Audio Visual Club SF, The Ruby, Autodesk, Noisebridge, The Letterform Archive, Syzygy SF, Double Union, New Art City, Occupy, Biome Arts, Mary Mattingly, Digital Language Arts at Brown, Digital + Art at RISD, The Anti Eviction Mapping Project, B4BEL4B Gallery, CODAME, Eyebeam, and Buzzfeed.