AV Club

AV Club is a San Francisco based algorave artist collective focused on live performance where technology itself is the instrument. They use samplers, sequencers, livecode environments, modular synths, feedback loops, generative art, microscopes, & more to make sights and sounds you haven’t encountered before but will want to experience again.

AV Club will be represented by 4 audio / visual collabs:

Sophia Sanborn (audio) x haute.rod (visuals)
Idea Unsound (audio) x Nobel Yoo (visuals)
rtyler (audio) x d0n.xyz (visuals)
Dan Gorelick (audio) x subfeels (visuals)

Sophia Sanborn

Sophia Sanborn is a San Francisco-based musician and computational scientist whose work fuses the analog and digital, organic and algorithmic, classical and experimental, intuitive and mathematical.

Rodney Folz (haute.rod)

Rodney Folz is a San Francisco-based livecoder and video synthesist whose work explores chaos theory and organic deconstruction.

Kris Grant (Idea Unsound)

Idea Unsound is a left-field 2step producer & DJ that mixes broken beats, futuristic vocal chops with a melodic, dubstep palette. His musical style is strongly influenced by his classical training, his love for science and technology, and his roots in dance music. His sound has been described by others as ‘jazz-inspired electronic music with a futuristic twist’.

Nobel Yoo

Nobel Yoo is an Oakland based algorithmic artist working in generative and interactive art. He is currently exploring creating expressive visuals that are tightly synchronized with music and audio.

R Tyler

R Tyler is a San Francisco-based algorithmic artist and researcher. He writes code to make music that people dance to. Computational scientific processes infiltrate his music productions, compositions, and live-performances.


d0n.xyz (Don Hanson) is a designer and internet artist based in Oakland, California. He codes websites as artworks and software as creative prototypes. Some of his prototypes have become fully realized tools used by artists all over the world.

Dan Gorelick

Dan Gorelick is a Bay Area and Brooklyn-based musician, creative technologist, and livecoder. He mixes acoustic instruments and voice with synthesizers (and code) to create expressive electronic music. Dan is also an organizer for AVClubSF and livecodeNYC.

Justine Sun Dela Cruz (subfeels)

Justine is a Canadian artist and social impact designer based in the Bay Area. She’s known for creating thoughtful experiences and pushing edges through experimentation. Using a range of mediums to materialize the intangible, Justine believes in embodied creation as a practice and ritual.