Barry Threw

Executive & Artistic Director

Barry Threw is the Executive and Artistic Director of Gray Area, and has helped develop the organization since 2008. He cultivates forward-looking, impactful, boundary-blurring projects integrating culture and technology. He drifts fluidly between roles, collaborating as an executive, curator, technologist, designer, community organizer, cultural producer, and strategist. His previous leadership positions have generated innovative & influential platforms, products, teams, and businesses spanning art, music, internet, built environment, and experiential & immersive media. He is convinced that integrated approaches combining art, technology, and the humanities are necessary for economic, social, and ecological regeneration.

Barry has over fifteen years of experience producing projects integrating art, technology, and culture: as Software Director with Keith McMillen Instruments, developing advanced technology to bridge traditional string instruments with computers; as Technical Director with Recombinant Media Labs, presenting surround cinema at installations and festivals around the world; on the Board of Directors for the BEAM Foundation, seeking to spark a Western new classical music movement based on the technologies and aesthetics of the 21st century; and as Director of Software with Obscura Digital, a San Francisco-based creative technology studio specializing in the design and execution of immersive and interactive experiences worldwide, acquired in 2017 by the Madison Square Garden Company.