Barry Threw

Interim Executive Director & Board Member

Barry Threw is an artist working in immersive and interactive experience. He works in collaboration with institutions, artists and organizations at the intersection of technology and culture. Focused on forward-looking artistic projects creatively (mis)using experiential technologies, he leaves behind installation, performance and artefact.

Threw’s work has been presented internationally at festivals including ORF Musikprotokol, Graz, Austria; Club Transmediale, Berlin, DE; Mutek, Montreal, CA; Cynetart, Dresden, DE; Siggraph, San Diego, US. His installation work has been shown at veunes including the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the YouTube BrandLab, the Sacremento International Airport, and CalIT2 at the University of California San Digeo, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, and the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. He has worked in collaboration with myriad artists including Kronos Quartet, Oval, Edwin van der Heide, Egbert Mittlestadt, Biosphere, Camille Utterback, Signal, Monolake and Jon Rose.

Threw has worked with a variety of organizations stationed at the crossroads of art and technology — as Software Director for Keith McMillen Instruments, developing advanced technology to bridge traditional string instruments with the computer; Software Architect with Recombinant Media Labs, presenting multi-channel surround cinema at installations and festivals around the world; on the Board of Directors for the BEAM Foundation, seeking to spark a Western new classical music movement based on the technologies and aesthetics of the 21st century; and as a Technical Advisor with the Gray Area Foundation for the Arts, a San Francisco non-profit and digital arts gallery dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture. He works with Fabricatorz to advance projects that evolving our cultural ecosystems through freedom and sharing. Most recently he is the Director of Software at Obscura Digital, a San Francisco creative technology studio specializing in the design and execution of immersive and interactive experiences worldwide.

Threw received an undergraduate degree with a dual major in Music Production and Engineering and Music Synthesis from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. He went on to study electronic music composition, receiving a degree in Electronic Music and Recording Media from Mills College in Oakland, CA.