Malitzin Cortés (CNDSD). Musician, multimedia artist and programmer. Adopts transdiscipline and technology in contemporary transmedia practices, her art reflect on the use of these technologies in the natural environment, architecture and sensory space .

Her work develops between live coding, live cinema, installation, 3D animation, virtual reality, generative art, sound design, experimental music and sound art.

She has performed live events and exhibitions at the Multimedia Center, Alameda Art Laboratory, Ex-teresa Arte Actual, Cultural Culture Center, Medialab Prado, Cultural Center Spain, CMMAS, Vorspiel, Spektrum Berlin and at international sound art festivals and experimental music such as International Live Coding Conference, Transpiksel, Aural, Transmediale Berlin, International Electronic Art Symposium. Korea, CYLAND MediaArtLab St. Petersburg, MUTEK Mexico and Montreal.

The musical proposal of CNDSD is conceived in an experimental environment through styles such as noise, environment, data, drone, avantgard, breakcore that generate cross-border musical exercises: granular landscapes, algorithmic vocal experiments, improvisations of hypnotic noise, live coding and downloads of asymmetric patterns in SuperCollider and TidalCycles. Her work is on labels such as Conditional Records (Berlin), Voragine (MX), ANTIMATERIA Sonora (MX), SNU (MX), SUBREAL (MX / L.A).