Christina Chatfield

Born to Midwestern environs, Christina Chatfield has made the Bay Area her adoptive home. A lifelong musician, she studied synthesis at Berklee College of Music, leading towards her career as a professional sound designer. Her musical upbringing has surely influenced her sound, mellifluous and effortlessly kinetic, designed for consumption and expansion at once.

Her psychedelic acid techno sets – performed live on an array of gear – are familiar to dancers in San Francisco, Chicago, New York, and beyond. A resident of the Bay Area’s venerated As You Like It event series, she’s a consummate live artist, each performance tailor-made to its own specifications. Her focus on live practice might explain her relatively few releases: her discography so far is limited to 12″s on Detroit’s Beretta Grey and Chicago’s God Particle. But in 2019, Chatfield is busy, releasing an acid techno EP on new label Seeder Records and an EP of slower-tempo club sounds on Left Hand Path, followed by her debut album, a cosmic exploration of ambient techno moods, on lauded New York imprint Mysteries of the Deep.