Constantin Basica

Constantin Basica is a Romanian composer living in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose current
work focuses on symbiotic interrelations between music, video, and performers. His portfolio
includes pieces for solo instruments, chamber ensembles, orchestra, electronics, and video,
which have been performed in Europe, North America, and Asia at various venues, festivals,
and conferences. Constantin holds a DMA in Composition from Stanford University (CA), where
he studied with Jarosław Kapuściński, Brian Ferneyhough, Mark Applebaum, and Erik Ulman.
He received an MA in Multimedia Composition from the Hamburg University of Music and
Drama (DE), as well as two BA degrees in Composition and Conducting from the National
University of Music Bucharest (RO). Currently, Constantin is a postdoctoral scholar, lecturer,
and the concert coordinator at Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and
Acoustics (CCRMA).