Crip Rave

Revolution is written into the origins of electronic music, where the genres, sounds, and spaces of rave culture have been crafted through Queer, Trans*, Black, Indigenous and People of Colour resistance. Informed by this legacy, Crip Rave™ centres Crip, Disabled, Deaf, Mad and Sick communities within expressive and innovative electronic music spaces. Structural barriers, ableism, industry standards, and cultural norms have largely resulted in inaccessible rave spaces and the exclusion of Crip bodyminds. Setting up an electronic music event so that all people can enter a venue is crucial, but accessibility requires us to go further— to centre disability in every aspect of planning so that all people can feel safe, comfortable, have their access needs met and their talents reflected in rave culture.

Crip Rave™ Collective was created by Renee Dumaresque and Stefana Fratila, two Mad and Crip organizers who are passionate about electronic music and envision a world where rave sites are accessible to everyone. Together, we have hosted both in-person and virtual raves and workshops, participated on panels at Nowadays (New York) and MUTEK (Montréal), and consulted with festivals and event promoters to enhance the accessibility of their offerings. The ‘collective’ in our name refers to the artists, collaborators, teachers, ASL interpreters, graphic designers, access support workers, and lineages of Disability Justice and Crip community wisdom that make our events possible.