Spanning over four decades of work, Bay Area musician Carolyn Fok (CYRNAI) specializes in electronic experimental music, composing and producing with synthesizers, piano, guitar, and percussion. Her adventures in sound began at the tender age of 9, recording stories into a tape recorder and experimenting with her father’s musical instruments and effects units. By the age of 16, Fok had become inspired by pioneering industrial electronic artists like Cabaret Voltaire, as well as anarcho-punk acts such as Crass. She is perhaps best known for pioneering a form of experimental music intertwining her ‘handcrafted’ sound designs, real life, and popular rhythm constructs. She composes, produces, engineers, remixes and masters all her designs with synthesizers and percussion, and uses any instrument and sounds from piano, guitar, to gongs, as tools to an art canvas. She has recently embarked on an ambitious project that involves releasing her vast archive of music via her website Memoir Of Sound.