CYRNAI is an influential Asian American electronic and experimental music project  who has been active for over four decades. Her fascination with sound design began at age 9 when she started using her father’s DIY drum machine & other instruments. She gained inspiration from industrial pathfinder acts like Cabaret Voltaire and anarcho-punk groups such as Crass.

Under the moniker CYRNAI she released her debut EP ‘Charred Blossoms’ in 1985, followed by the cassette ‘Parts Of The Insomnic Wheel’ (1986), and albums like ‘Hypno-Seizure’ (1989) and ‘To Subtle-Drive’ (1990). She played in San Francisco-based bands like Treason, A State Of Mind, Trial, and Rhythm and Noise between 1983 and 1991.

Known for unusual recording techniques and unorthodox sounds, Cyrnai’s music tends to  transcend  its avant garde influences . Her 1996 CD ‘Transfiguration’ featured NY guitarist Elliot Sharp, while 2001’s ‘The Listener’ included Tim Story. In 2018, she launched the ‘Memoir Of Sound’ website, an archive containing over 100 albums of her works, field recordings, and collaborations. Simultaneously, Dark Entries reissued her 1980-1990 output in a deluxe vinyl box set more recently.

She has participated in numerous festivals, including performances in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles in rosters alongside Morton Subotnick and Suzanne Ciani. Cyrnais music was also featured in the UK compilation “Third Noise Principle—Formative North American Electronica 1975-1984” Cyrnai continues exploring spatial audio & immersive AV, and will be featured in the RML CineChamber panoramic platform series in  2024 -25 along with her new album release.