Dan Moore

Dan Moore is a Brooklyn-based media artist and F.A.T. Lab Virtual Research Fellow with training in Computer Engineering. Combining his skills in Software Development, App Design and Interaction Design with his art practice, Moore has contributed to award-winning interactive installations and app development as Lead Product Developer at EachScape and Lead Creative Visualist at Fake Love. He has built iOS and Android apps for multinationals such as Fox News, NBCUniversal, Scripps Networks and ClearChannel Communications. His experience building interactive installations includes working with Lexus, Acura, Google, YouTube, Intel, and contributing to Levi’s ‘Tools for the Modern Frontier’ -the double Cannes Lion winning submission to Doug Aitken’s “Station to Station.” He contributes to several open-source projects including the creative coding platform openFrameworks. From time to time, Dan collaborates and performs with the band Liars. Dan is a principle of StudioStudio with Pablo Gnecco.