Dax Pierson

Dax Pierson is an experimental digital music producer known for pushing boundaries and blending genres. They incorporate Apple iOS devices into their creative process, providing a more accessible workflow and cost-effective option. With their body primarily paralyzed due to quadriplegia, Dax’s fine motor skills are limited. However, they utilize these devices to create unique sonic tapestries that inspire listeners to dance, nod their heads, or simply immerse themselves in the music. Dax is recognized for their collaborative efforts and love for live performances, either as a listener or a player. They invite audiences to join them on a transformative musical journey where self-expression and innovation take center stage.

Dax’s sound encompasses a diverse range of influences, incorporating synthesizer and drum machine programming from various subgenres, drawing inspiration from street and academic electronic music. Additionally, they incorporate field recordings of doctors’ appointments and the durable medical equipment in their home, which serves as a source of inspiration and empowerment in their life.

Dax approaches their work through a multi-hyphenate cultural lens, embracing their identities as a black, queer, and disabled artist. While their compositions are primarily instrumental, they strive to infuse their work with the creative essence of these aspects.

After a challenging period of managing and recovering from invasive surgeries and chronic complications lasting over three and a half years, Dax is currently delving into the performative aspects of Logic Pro for iPad, released in June 2023. This exploration involves live improvisation and the performance/remixing of tracks from their previously released album, utilizing loops sourced from the original album’s multitracked stems. Looking ahead, Dax envisions a seamless integration of their generative compositional practice with improvisational and performative elements, combining AUM and Logic Pro for iPad with their extensive 13-year experience using Ableton Live since 2006. Their ultimate aim is to create a more engaging and immersive experience for themselves and their audience during live performances.

Dax’s career as a keyboardist and sample smasher came to an abrupt end after a tour accident in 2005 caused by black ice on the road. This incident left them unable to continue their involvement with art bands like Subtle (Lex Records/Anticon collective) and 13 & God (The Notwist/Subtle members). However, it led Dax to pursue a more self-engaging and immersive listening experience. In collaboration with Dark Entries and Ratskin, Dax released their solo album “Nerve Bumps (a queer divine dissatisfaction)” in 2021. Join Dax on their transformative musical odyssey, where accessibility and self-expression take center stage.