Ben Stokes

Dimensional Holofonic Sound is the brainchild of Ben Stokes dating back to 1988. D.H.S. has always been the music channel of Stokes’ multimedia output. The project has produced numerous records and performed live in many different configurations over the years including his membership in Meat Beat Manifesto and together with Jack Dangers runs Tino Corp. Records.

All the while, Stokes continues directing and designing visual work for a host of clients including DJ Shadow’s and Cut Chemist’s live shows, (Since 2001,) building projections for S.F.City Hall as well as performing VJ style at AV Festivals across the country.

Starting back in 1990 Ben stoked the scene with the notorious DHS House of God EP which caught the attention of the Orb, Josh Wink, Hexstatic, Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN) and was featured in DJ sets by Aphex Twin, Ken Ishi , and Joey Beltram, There were award recognized videos that Ben’s H-Gun Labs direction brought to the video channels like MTV with the likes of Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, De La Soul , and Ministry etc.

Currently, Stokes is the director, animator and musical mad scientist owner of Mission Control, a resourceful laboratory and inter-media studio in San Francisco, where his ongoing experiments with new technology infuse all his work with am unceasing demiurgic vigor. Never content to stay still for very long, Ben continues to forge ahead with experiential media design and emerging prototypes for environments like the underground RML CineChamber and the overground Shadowsphere kinds of stagings for tours and special themed events across several continents.