Ben Stokes

Dimensional Holofonic Sound (D.H.S.) is the music AV brainchild of Ben Stokes dating back to 1988.

Stokes initially emblazened a trail with his release of the EP, House of God by Dimensional Holofonic Sound, (DHS,) back in 1990. The title track became a globally prominent techno anthem that absorbed the attention of The Orb, Josh Wink, Jack Dangers and DJ Shadow, all of whom Stokes has later collaborated with as a visual artist.

 DHS EP Videos by Stokes aired on MTV and adjacent channels  and became influential to visual artists like Hexstatic and Emergency Broadcast Network, (EBN.)

 While the electronic music scene continued to  flourish through the 90’s Stokes was busy directing award attracting music videos for the likes of Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, De La Soul, The Orb , Ministry and eventually The Mighty Underdogs, and Bay Area favorite Azeem.

 Currently, Stokes is a touring member of Meat Beat Manifesto and, together with founding member Jack Dangers, runs Tino Corp.Records, and continues to  direct and design visual work for a host of clients including several of DJ Shadow‘s live tours including the incredible Shadowsphere , plus an internationally seen chapter with the Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow “Hard Sell”  turntable duo

Once the co-founder and director of H-GUN Labs,  Stokes continues now as the mad scientist overseer  of Mission Control, a creative laboratory studio in San Francisco .